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Twenty years of existence make AGRESSOR one of the oldest and most experienced bands in European Death Metal history. Founded in 1986, they were one of the first bands playing this kind of music and set the standards for all other bands in this style to follow, in France as well as in Europe.

Back in 1987, AGRESSOR recorded the first ever French Death Metal album - the "Satan's Sodomy" split LP with fellow countrymen LOUDBLAST. The record was released by New Wave Records and re-released in 1994 by Black Mark. Then came two full-length albums: "Neverending Destiny" (Noise Records-1990) and "Towards Beyond" (Black Mark-1992). Thanks to intensive touring (together with LOUDBLAST, WARGASM, SINISTER, festivals with MESSIAH, CORONER SODOM, MORBID ANGEL, etc.) and a worldwide distribution, the band soon became popular.

At this point Alex Colin-Tocquaine (guitar/vocals) was the only one left of the original line-up. With a new line-up, he started recording the third album, named "Symposium of Rebirth" (1994). With this release AGRESSOR went forward in their style, being faithful to their roots, but also exploring new terrains working with the Lyon Philharmonic Classical Orchestra for the recording.


After their U.K. tour with CRADLE OF FILTH in June 1996, Alex started working for Black Mark and also became an official endorsed Ibanez guitarist and the first "Masterclass Guitar School" metal teacher. He also taught at the well-known International Music Academy of Nancy, France. Due to all these activities, AGRESSOR was put on hold for a couple of years.

But the urge to play came back, and Alex started working on fourth album "Medieval Rites", together with long-time partner Joel Guigou (bass). Many different musicians were invited: a flutist, a violinist, trumpeters, an opera female singer, plus guest appearances by well-known figures from the Metal scene: Krell and Christina from BLOODTHORN, as well as drummers Mortem Nielsen (ex MERCYFUL FATE) and Kai Hahto (ROTTEN SOUND, ENOCHIAN CRESCENT).

2000's "Medieval Rites" was a résumé of what AGRESSOR stood and still stands for. From fast, unrelenting old-school thrash songs, to classical, medieval tunes which are now the trademark of the band, this album was a diverse and mature album that only few experienced bands could offer. Two years later, the "The Spirit of Evil" MCD came as an extension of that album, containing one new track, three songs from "Medieval Rites" featuring James Murphy (who couldn't make it on the album for time matters), three live recordings and two video tracks.


That same year, AGRESSOR played in Cannes at Midem with HANOÏ ROCKS. This show is featured on the bonus DVD coming with the new "Deathreat" album.

In 2005, a compilation entitled "The merciless Onslaught" (2005) containing the recordings of the demos from 86 to 89, was released.

At last, 2006 sees the release of the long awaited "Deathreat" album. And contrary to the popular belief that age slows you down, this album is the band's fastest and most aggressive to date. Recorded at LB Lab Studio and mixed by Mad Rafati who also worked on "Medieval Rites", it contains collaboration of Eric Forrest (E-FORCE, EX VOIVOD) for the lyrics to "Order of Chaos" and "Transmutation". Celebrating AGRESSOR's 20th anniversary, "Deathreat" comes in a double digipak including a bonus DVD with the Midem 2002 show, live recordings from 2000, the "Someone to eat" 1996 video, a documentary of the "Symposium of Rebirth" recording sessions as well as an historic photo gallery!



Name Instrument
Alex Colin-tocquaine Vocals, Guitar
Joël Guigou Bass
Romain Goulon Drums
Joss Sarroche Guitar

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Tue, Nov 14 2006
: Death Metal
: SOM099
: available


The Spirit of Evil

General information
: Mon, Mar 25 2002
: Death Metal
: SOM065
: available


Medieval Rites

General information
: Tue, Feb 01 2000
: Death Metal
: SOM025
: not available
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