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Latest news: Fri, May 22 2015, BENIGHTED

Latest release: "Carnivore Sublime"

Release date: Fri, Feb 14 2014, US Tue, Feb 18 2014

BENIGHTED are announcing that their long-time "drummer and brother" Kevin Foley will be unavailable to perform with the French brutal death shooting stars during summer 2015 due to the blasting progeny having an offer to join another big project that he can't refuse. The band is searching for a full time replacement and reveals two drummers stepping in for the summer festivals.

Austrian "killer machine" David Diepold will bang the drums at the Ranger Rock Festival in Brand, Germany on the 13th of June and the Swiss Summer Break(Down) Festival in Geneva at Kalvingrad on June 27th.


On all other summer festivals (please see below for a full list of shows), the band's friend and amazing drummer Kevin Paradis, who appeared in BENIGHTED's music video "Experience Your Flesh" and already played a couple of times with the French grinders, will sit on the drum stool.

BENIGHTED will recruit a full time replacement on the drums in case Kevin’s new project becomes a permanent occupation. Interested talents can apply by sending two drum videos of the songs "Asylum Cave" and "Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth" to


13 Jun 15 Brand (DE) Ranger Rock Festival
27 Jun 15 Geneva (CH) Kalvingrad (Summer Break(Down) Festival)
04 Jul 15 Trier (DE) Death Shall Rise Festival
08 Aug 15 Jaromer (CZ) Fortress Josefov (Brutal Assault)
21 Aug 15 Kaltenbach (AT) Spital am Semmering (Kaltenbach Open Ai)
22 Aug 15 Karlsruhe (DE) New Noise Festival
05 Sep 15 Loos-en-Gohelle (FR) Gohellefest


BENIGHTED's live crusher 'Brutalive the Sick', which was released this February 23rd as a CD + DVD set is already completely sold out in Europe and stocks are running low in the US. All previous albums are still available via the Season of Mist shop.



  1. X2Y
  2. Noise
  3. Experience Your Flesh
  4. Slaughter/Suicide
  5. Spit
  6. Defiled Purity
  7. Jekyll
  8. Collection Of Dead Portraits
  9. Carnivore Sublime
  10. Les Morsures De Cerbère
  11. June And The Laconic Solstice



BENIGHTED are celebrating their 15th anniversary of grinding death mastery with the release of a live album with DVD entitled 'Brutalive the Sick'. All songs and images were recorded at the French Sylak Open Air on the 9th of August 2014. The band comments: "We are happy to announce our first live album 'Brutalive the Sick'", state BENIGHTED. "These 13 tracks represent our unleashed fury on stage, whipped up by an amazing crowd. We hope this makes for a suitably brutal and insane birthday gift for all of you!" BENIGHTED have continually set new benchmarks for brutality and viciousness. The listener is heavily beaten into submission by their relentless vocal onslaught, massive riffing, and close-to-inhuman drumming. The brutal death outfit was brought to life by members from the French death and black metal bands DISHUMANIZED, DARKNESS FIRE and OSGILIATH, who joined forces in May 1998 for a more aggressive, heavy and modern way of expression. When their first self-titled and self-produced full-length 'Benighted' hit the streets in the year 2000, it created a strong impact. What had originally started as a side-project soon became the main thing. With every following album their fan-base grew. 'Psychose' (2002), 'Insane Cephalic Production' (2004), 'Identisick' (2006), and 'Icon' (2007) were equally enthusiastically received by adherents and critics alike. BENIGHTED's impact was massively aided by the band's mind-blowing live performances at extensive tours and prestigious international festivals such as Neurotic Death Fest, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, and Inferno Festival among many others. With 'Asylum Cave' (2011) the French cemented their reputation for psychopathic topics as the album was based on a fictional concept of a delusional schizophrenic's obsession with deranged Austrian pervert Joseph Fritzl. The latest masterpiece 'Carnivore Sublime' (2014) dealt with a borderline patient descending into cannibalism. Buckle up for a mega-heavy live ride!


Name Instrument
Julien Truchan Vocals
Olivier Gabriel Guitar
Kevin Foley Drums
Pierre Arnoux Bass / Backing vocals
Emmanuel Dalle Guitar

Releases Season of Mist


Brutalive The Sick

General information
: Mon, Feb 23 2015
: Tue, Feb 24 2015
: Brutal Death
: SOM351
: available


Carnivore Sublime

General information
: Fri, Feb 14 2014
: Tue, Feb 18 2014
: Brutal Death Metal
: SOM319
: available


Asylum Cave

General information
: Mon, Mar 21 2011
: Tue, Mar 29 2011
: Death Metal
: SOM233
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Sat, Jul 04 2015 (DE) Trier Death Shall Rise Festival
Sat, Aug 08 2015 (CZ) Jaromer Fortress Josefov Brutal Assault
Fri, Aug 21 2015 (AT) Kaltenbach Spital am Semmering Kaltenbach Open Air Festival
Sat, Aug 22 2015 (DE) Karlsruhe New Noise Festival
Sat, Sep 05 2015 (FR) Loos-en-Gohelle Gohellefest
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