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Latest news: Wed, Jul 16 2014, COMPLETE FAILURE

Latest release: "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault"

Release date: Fri, Feb 15 2013, US Tue, Feb 19 2013

Pittsburgh's COMPLETE FAILURE are streaming their Season of Mist full-length, 'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault' on YouTube. The album is also streaming in full via Bandcamp, where COMPLETE FAILURE are offering the track titled "Errant Social Mile Marker" as a free download.

'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault' is available via the Season of Mist e-shop.

Regarding the album, the band said: "'The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault' is the god-product for us 4 of many lost relationships, arguments, lost sleep, migraines, pain, loss of life, debt, one assault, one ruined career, countless hours of driving, writing, rewriting, rewriting, fighting and shit talk over arrangements, drug addiction and rehabilitation, and about 50 hours straight of recording over the course of two and a half years at people's houses in a few different states at pretty much any affiliate band members house that had a microphone and a laptop that could run recording software of any kind. Nothing I personally have ever been a part of as a human being has ever called upon so much out of me from a standpoint of  living breathing resentment and frustration for being alive and trying to "keep up" with earth around you. With every passing day to practice to show to belligerent release of sobriety between us as members of Complete Failure, it was more and more obvious that if it weren't all coming out right now then never. I don't know if the wise man ever said it but he should have. You could die tomorrow for anything, so why not kill yourself for nothing today."



  1. Mind Compf
  2. Errant Social Mile Marker
  3. The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault
  4. Head Hanger to Be
  5. Drag Migrator
  6. Exitist
  7. Defenseless Mechanisms of Self Inflicted Heartbreak
  8. Disinvictus
  9. Hero of the Church Herd
  10. The Unlove Overhue

COMPLETE FAILURE has toured the world playing with bands such as TODAY IS THE DAY, ANTIGAMA, MISERY INDEX, REVOCATION, RWAKE, FUCK THE FACTS, and festivals such as Maryland Death Fest, Sincerity Fest and more.


Grindcore antagonists COMPLETE FAILURE set loose their newest album "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault". The band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania took three years to hone this weapon of sonic destruction. "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault" is the band's tour de force, fusing ferocious speed and aggression with their violent, iconoclastic stance. Each of the album's ten tracks is a genuine article of out-and-out fury without a hint of remorse, making this release one of the most visceral and honest Grindcore records to this day.

When COMPLETE FAILURE first hit the stage at the White Eagle in Pittsburgh on April 14, 2007 their impact was immediate. This memorable event and shows to follow created a buzz that led to the band’s first record deal in late 2007. Their debut full-length "Perversions of Guilt" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Austin – better known as frontman of TODAY IS THE DAY. From March to July 2008 COMPLETE FAILURE first toured North America and Europe with such bands as TODAY IS THE DAY, RWAKE, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, FUCK THE FACTS, PSYOPUS and others. This journey resulted not only in a growing international fan-base, but also in a self-released live album "Good Things Happening to Bad People - Live from Bern Switzerland" (2008).

In April 2009 COMPLETE FAILURE, in the best DIY Punk tradition, self recorded and self released sophomore album "Heal No Evil", which was picked up and re-issued on a label after the first versions sold out completely. For this release COMPLETE FAILURE started to work in their own studio, where now all their material is produced.

A quite diverse list of influences has been credited to COMPLETE FAILURE by the critics. Their Punk and Hardcore roots are underlined by comparison with such bands as BLACK FLAG, HIS HERO IS GONE, MAN IS THE BASTARD and POISON IDEA. Yet also surprising classics have been quoted including BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and URIAH HEEP, while others name EYEHATEGOD, MUSE and RADIOHEAD.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that despite the brutal crushing power of "The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault", a musical and lyrical intelligence can be found that reveals COMPLETE FAILURE to be more than just another Grindcore act. For those who like PIG DESTROYER, BRUTAL TRUTH, MISERY INDEX, ROTTEN SOUND and NASUM this album is a sure bet, yet these Americans beg to differ. None shall escape their wrath!


Name Instrument
Joe Mack Vocals
James Curl Guitars
Mark Bogacki Bass
Mike Rosswog Drums

Releases Season of Mist


The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault

General information
: Fri, Feb 15 2013
: Tue, Feb 19 2013
: Grindcore
: SOM281
: available
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