Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Craft (Black Metal)




CRAFT were spawned by guitarist Joakim, who was joined by a friend on drums in late 1994. Lead guitarist John was added to the roster in 1996, but left in 1998 only to return about a year later. A demo entitled 'Total Eclipse' hit the world in 1999, which quickly let to a first record deal. During the recording of their crushing debut "Total Soul Rape" (2000), the Swedes were reinforced by vocalist Nox. This misanthropy dripping album captured the ear of SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth, who released the sophomore 'Terror Propaganda' in 2002 on his label Selbstmord Services. With this extremely dark piece of music the group gained much acclaim by critics and fans alike. CRAFT followed up in their typical hateful and destructive style by adding 'Fuck the Universe' (2005) and 'Void' (2011) to the list of their albums. Meanwhile bass player Alex had joined and with a complete line-up the band finally became a live-entity in September 2014. Currently CRAFT are preparing their fifth long-player, which will be out on Season of Mist.


Name Instrument
Mikael Nox Vocals
Joakim Guitar
John Guitar
Alex Bass
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