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Latest news: Fri, Nov 06 2015, CYNIC

Latest release: "Kindly Bent To Free Us"

Release date: Fri, Feb 14 2014, US Tue, Feb 18 2014

Paul Masvidal of CYNIC hardly needs an introduction to any guitarist in the world of metal and far beyond the confines of this genre. The legendary musician has posted two guitar play-through videos of the tracks "The Space for This" and "Moon Heart Sun Head" for Pro Tone Pedals, which can be viewed at this link and at Masvidal's official website.

Cynic video still paul 2015

"The Space for This" was taken from CYNIC's highly praised full-length 'Traced in Air' (2008). This album has been called "very impressive venture...definitely a strong contender for album of the year" (9/10) by Ultimate-Guitar, "among the best metal albums released in its decade" by Prog-Sphere, and "a totally unlikely comeback - the welter of detail is about one quarter mathematically busy, earning its designation as 'progressive' music, and three-quarters flamboyantly, outrageously beautiful" by The New York Times. "The Space for This" is streaming in full here.



  1. Nunc Fluens
  2. The Space For This
  3. Evolutionary Sleeper
  4. Integral Birth
  5. The Unknown Guest
  6. Adam's Murmur
  7. King Of Those Who Know
  8. Nunc Stans

"Moon Heart Sun Head" was featured on CYNIC's latest release 'Kindly Bent to Free Us' (2014), which AllMusic called: " album that, while most definitely in the realm of prog rock, has the kind of open, unpretentious air that makes Rush such an easy-to-love band." PROG magazine added: " album that transcends all the limitations of genre and era, and in the end will come to represent what you want it to be, nothing more, nothing less. There are few albums which can claim such a remarkable hold." 'Kindly Bent to Free Us' can be accessed on Bandcamp. Both albums are available from the Season of Mist shop.



  1. True Hallucination Speak
  2. The Lion’s Roar
  3. Kindly Bent to Free Us
  4. Infinite Shapes
  5. Moon Heart Sun Head
  6. Gitanjali
  7. Holy Fallout
  8. Endlessly Bountiful

On further news, Paul Masvidal has lent his name to a line of signature instruments produced by Sweden's award winning Strandberg* Guitars, has his own chorus pedal through Pro Tone Pedals and an endorsement contract with EMG Pickups and Cleartone strings. He is currently developing custom amp sounds for Positive Grid's revolutionary BIAS application for iPad. Masvidal is performing master classes at various music academies and music stores, teaching guitar techniques, songwriting and the creative process, along with promoting his signature guitar.

Season of Mist confirms that the remaining members of CYNIC will proceed to work on a new album after the band's last European tour was cancelled without consensus by a single member, who decided to leave on short notice.

Cynic paul 2015

Current line-up
Paul Masvidal – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Sean Malone – bass, stick

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CYNIC finally return with their long awaited second full length since their 2007 reunion. "Kindly Bent to Free Us" is at the same time a natural continuation of best-selling album "Traced in Air" (2008) as well as a collection of new ideas incorporating new elements distilled from their musical experiments conducted on the two EPs "Re-Traced" (2010) and "Carbon-Based Anatomy" (2011). Instead of simply repeating their successful formula, CYNIC dare to expand their horizon into even more complex soundscapes that demand careful and intense study before revealing their full astonishing beauty. All the trademarks that gained the American progressive pioneers their cult status are still there: forward-thinking riffing fused with the rhythmical intricacy of Jazz and the melodic complexity of Progressive Rock. The alchemy of frontman Paul Masvidal and rhythmaniacs Sean Reinert and Sean Malone should equally appeal to CYNIC enthusiasts as well as connoisseurs of PORCUPINE TREE, OPETH, THE PINEAPPLE THIEF, KATATONIA, and ULVER. CYNIC was formed in 1987 during the burgeoning rise of Death Metal in Miami, Florida before relocating to Los Angeles, California. The impressive technical abilities of the band's founding members even led to Paul and Sean Reinert being recruited by Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH and led to the inception of the 1991 landmark album "Human". With their first full-length "Focus" (1993) CYNIC created another milestone of Progressive Metal, but disbanded the next year to explore different musical paths. Now these leaders of their genre offer you "Kindly Bent to Free Us". Listen well!


Name Instrument
Paul Masvidal Vocals, Guitars
Sean Reinert Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
Sean Malone Bass (Album)
Max Phelps Guitar / Vocals (live)
Brandon Giffin Bass (live)

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Kindly Bent To Free Us

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: Fri, Feb 14 2014
: Tue, Feb 18 2014
: Progressive Rock
: SOM300
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: Tue, Mar 27 2012
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: Tue, Nov 15 2011
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: Mon, May 17 2010
: Tue, May 18 2010
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Traced in Air

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: Mon, Nov 17 2008
: Progressive Metal
: SOM182
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