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Following the successful re-release of "Cold Steel......for an Iron Age" (2002) now by popular demand "Phoenix Rising" (2000) will also return to remind the world of a classic album with a carefully remastered edition. DESTRÖYER 666 once more add a spectacular new artwork and liner notes. With "Phoenix Rising" the Australians reached a new dimension. Terrorizer (UK) saw the Australian warriors enter "a new phase that mixes the best of old school barbarity with quality songwriting". Dutch magazine Aardschok chimed into this praise by giving 90/100 points with many critics following suit. Yet time proved to be the real test for "Phoenix Rising" and the album passed this challenge with flying colours as it continued to capture new fans since its original release in late 2000. With their steadily growing popularity, DESTRÖYER 666 had clearly delivered a must-have masterpiece in the view of old and new fans alike.

The latest full-length of DESTRÖYER 666 dates back to June 2009, when the band engaged on a new campaign of "Defiance". The fourth album of these warheads still overwhelms all resistance by massive strikes of crushing riffs and constantly pushing guitars that have been a trademark of the Australians since their debut album "Unchain the Wolves" (1997).

The band starts out in May 1994 as a solo project of BESTIAL WARLUST guitarist KK Warslut (ex-CORPSE MOLESTATION). Only one year later DESTRÖYER 666 record "Violence Is the Prince of this World" with session work from Aussie legends Bullet-Eater (ex-HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH) and Matt "Skitz" Sanders (DAMAGED). Ever since this EP has become a much sought after underground favourite.

DESTRÖYER 666 quickly gain international attention as well as critical acclaim, when unleashing their debut album "Unchain the Wolves". Since 1996 the Australians have gathered a full line-up consisting of Bullet-Eater on bass, lead guitarist Shrapnel, the Howitzer on drums, and K.K. Warslut. Their brutal anthems and epic Death Thrash encompassing the aggressive nature of Australian War Metal and the bombastic majesty of BATHORY are taking the world by surprise. Surpassing its predecessor, "Unchain the Wolves" marks the band entering new territories on all levels.


Meanwhile the Howitzer decides to leave the band in late 1997 and the battle drums are taken over by the outback maniac, Jarro Deceiver. With his blistering speed he gives the band a new injection of power, which results in this line-up recording the first 7" "Satanic Speed Metal". From there DESTRÖYER 666 start to prepare the ground for their second full-length attack. "Phoenix Rising" is recorded during summer 1999 at Back Beach Studio Australia. After this session Bullet-Eater leaves the band, but Simon Berzerker is soon enlisted to join ranks on bass guitar. "Phoenix Rising" adds a pounding barrage of the hammering rhythm section to their sound.

The irresistible force of this album allows DESTRÖYER 666 to choose their battleground. Leaving Australia all members relocate to Europe and accept invitations to an impressive number of festivals like Wacken Open Air (DE), Mind Over Matter Festival (AT), 2Heavy4U Festival (SE), Fuck the Commerce (DE), Under the Black Sun (DE), Stonehenge Festival (NL) as well as the unfortunately cancelled Dynamo Festival (NL). This is followed by a full European tour with IMMOLATION, DECAPITATED and DERANGED. Meanwhile the drum seat is rotating heavily: Deceiver decides to desert at the beginning of 2000. His post is first taken over by Shane Rout (ABYSSIC HATE), who in turn gets replaced by Eric de Windt of SINISTER and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. It takes until a year later that a steady artillerist is found in the person of Mersus in early 2001.


Now fully relocated to Europe, DESTRÖYER 666 entered Sound Suite Studios with engineer Terje Refsnes (ENSLAVED, GEHENNA, STORM, CARPATHIAN FOREST) to record their third album "Cold Steel......for an Iron Age" (2002). Mixing elements of both previous releases, "Cold Steel......for an Iron Age" achieves to merge epic elements with hard, fast and violent strikes. Its raw and brutal approach being very much suited to the angry and hard hitting live performance of the Australians. Two EP's follow in 2002 "...Of Wolves, Women And War" and "Terror Abraxas" (2003) that boost the band's outstanding reputation even further. Berzerker decides to leave in the year 2003 and after a thorough search London-based Matt Razor is taking over his bass duties. DESTRÖYER 666 embark on the road several times again. Among those legendary journeys of Mayhem and Metal are an Australian tour in 2005 and "Wolves Over America" one year later.

As nearly all members are now living in different countries across Europe and somewhat disenchanted with the business the band is close to call it a day. But demand for DESTRÖYER 666 remains high from festivals with the band carefully choosing only a selected few. Encouraged by an extremely loyal following as well KK starts to write new material in April 2007. Recordings begin at the end of the year 2008 in the infamous Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, ONDSKAPT, IN BATTLE). At the end of February 2009 the mixing and mastering is done. Even during the production interest of the press already runs high and "Defiance" is released surrounded by a massive buzz.


With their fourth album DESTRÖYER 666 return to a more melodic offensive supported by excellent dynamics. "Defiance" executes the Australians' attack with a mastery that reveals the expertise of long serving veterans in the field. Accordingly they have been invited to several prestigious festivals in summer 2009 including the Maryland Deathfest, Rock Hard Festival, Sweden Rock, Hellfest and Party San Open Air. DESTRÖYER 666 are redefining the extreme Metal genre with melodic hymns of stunning atmospheric density. Join the unstoppable advance of "Defiance" or be swept away into oblivion!


Name Instrument
K.K. Vocals, Guitar
Shrapnel Lead guitar
P. Razor Bass
Mersus Drums

Releases Season of Mist


Phoenix Rising [2012 reissue]

General information
: Fri, Aug 24 2012
: Tue, Aug 28 2012
: Black Metal
: SOM032R
: available


Cold Steel... for an Iron Age [2011 reissue]

General information
: Fri, Dec 09 2011
: Tue, Feb 28 2012
: Black Metal
: SOM052R
: available



General information
: Mon, Jun 22 2009
: Black Thrash
: SOM204
: available


Cold Steel... for an Iron Age

General information
: Mon, Apr 22 2002
: Black Metal
: SOM052
: available


Phoenix Rising

General information
: Fri, Dec 01 2000
: Black Metal
: SOM032
: available
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