Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Dodecahedron (Black Metal)




There is a universe of possibilities to explore musical darkness. Yet metal seems to have a tendency for endlessly riding stereotypical riff-horses until they are flogged to death and beyond the point of any meaningful resurrection. DODECAHEDRON furiously destroy such notions and advance to new horizons.

This Dutch League of Extraordinary Musicians is harnessing the power of seething black chaos into a precisely aimed sonic assault. Expanding on the pioneering works of MAYHEM in their 'Ordo Ad Chao' (2007) phase and French trailblazers DEATHSPELL OMEGA, DODECAHEDRON push this stream of extreme consciousness forward into even more spine-chilling dimensions.

Their sophomore full-length 'kwintessens' arrives with intensified focus. Those atonal and dissonant monstrosities created by ultimate technical mastery and spawned on the self-titled debut album 'Dodecahedron' (2012) are now directing their explosive fury with even more precision straight to the point. The balance between aggression and suspended states of icy shock has been re-calibrated.

DODECAHEDRON started out as ORDER OF THE SOURCE BELOW before embracing a clear vision of darkness reaching beyond black metal. Carving their own path into the cosmic dark musical matter with a stellar technical brilliance, 'kwintessens' delivers the spark to ignite the new flame. Expect a brutal blast!


Name Instrument
W. Van Der Voort vocals
M. Nienhuis guitar, composition
J. Bonis guitar, sound synthesis
Y. Terwisscha van Scheltinga bass
J. Barendregt drums

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Mar 17 2017
: Fri, Mar 17 2017
: Extreme Dark Metal
: SUA073
: available



General information
: Fri, Jan 20 2012
: Tue, Jan 24 2012
: Black Metal
: SUA023
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Sat, Feb 17 2018 BE Sint-Niklaas De Casino +Zhrine +Virvum
Sun, Feb 18 2018 NL Groningen Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018
Fri, Feb 23 2018 NL Haarlem Patronaat Complexity Fest
Thu, Mar 29 2018 NO Oslo Inferno Metal Festival
Fri, Aug 10 2018 CZ Jaromer Brutal Assault 2018 Exact date tba
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