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Latest news: Tue, Dec 20 2016, ETHS

Latest release: "Ankaa"

Release date: Fri, Apr 22 2016, US Fri, Apr 22 2016

Sad news for all fans of ETHS. The French modern metal stars have announced the end of their career and are calling it quits. Season of Mist regrets to hear this decision, but of course fully respects it. We wish our long-time partners and personal friends for many years all the very best for their future as musicians and persons.


ETHS commented: "These last few years, a number of ordeals slowly pushed us towards different musical yearnings while dulling the fun that we have had playing as a band. ETHS has always been about honesty and fun, but we have to face the fact that our hearts are not in there anymore. Therefore we made the joined decision to call it quits - in order to fully focus on our separate musical endeavors and to find our joy in music again.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to extend our deepest thanks to all the fans, old and new, who supported the band through thick and thin. Thank you also to all musicians, road crews, bookers, radio DJs, directors, graphic designers, photographers, producers, journalists, and all other professionals of the music business, who helped us out in one way or another along the way. We have experienced unforgettable moments thanks to all of you and we will cherish those times forever.

Just one more thing: you haven’t heard the last of the band yet and can expect one final surprise from ETHS."


ETHS have already offered a glimpse of what the final surprise might entail. The band announced that they will perform their last two shows in the original line-up, which means a return of original front-fury Candice Clot, who had resigned for personal reasons in 2012.

'Ankaa', can still be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop.

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Ankaa, also known as Alpha Phoenicis, is the brightest star in the Phoenix constellation. ETHS are reaching for the stars again with their fourth full-length, which also bears the title 'Ankaa'. The French modern metal outfit has been a shooting star in its homeland, but now aims to shine in a new light and in a new constellation.

'Ankaa' manages to keep the essence of the band, guided by mastermind and guitarist Staif Bihl, who also produced the album. Yet with new frontwoman Rachel Aspe and other changes in the line-up there are new elements in the sound of the French act. The new album sounds more diverse and generally a touch darker. Electronic patterns find as easily a fitting place as a beautiful Arabic chant by guest vocalist Sarah Layssac (ARKAN). For this recording, SOILWORK drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren stepped in and delivered a massive yet intricate pounding.

ETHS were founded in Marseilles and rapidly managed to conquer the covers of French music magazines following the wildfire success of their EPs ‘Autopsie’ (2000) and ‘Samantha’ (2002). Debut album ‘Soma’ (2004) saw the band open for CHILDREN OF BODOM and CRADLE OF FILTH in France. With the follow-up ‘Tératologie’ (2008), ETHS demonstrated their experience and maturity grown out of playing hundreds of shows. When the time came to release third opus ‘III’, the band took their challenge abroad by releasing four English versions of the original French songs on an international edition.

Many predicted ETHS' star to be falling when charismatic frontwoman Candice left for personal reasons in 2012. Yet the gang was far from finished and scored a coup by enlisting impressive vocalist Rachel Aspe. The singer had already won broad attention, which is highlighted by over a million clicks on a clip showing her growling away at an awe struck jury at France' biggest talent show. Rachel’s vitriolic vocals fit perfectly to the pounding riff barrage of the band's modern metal style, which was demonstrated on the EP ‘Ex Umbra In Solem"’ (2014).

ETHS are not just very much alive and kicking, but as clearly demonstrated by 'Ankaa' also creatively exploring new dimensions. Only the stars are the limit!


Name Instrument
Staif Bihl Guitars
Rachel Aspe Vocals
Damien Rivoal Bass
Dirk Verbeuren Drums (album)
R.U.L Drums (live)

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Apr 22 2016
: Fri, Apr 22 2016
: Modern Metal
: SOM354
: available


Ex Umbra In Solem

General information
: Fri, Mar 14 2014
: Modern Metal
: SOM271
: available


Autopsie & Samantha

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: Fri, Feb 15 2013
: Tue, Sep 17 2013
: Modern Metal
: SOM292
: available



General information
: Fri, May 18 2012
: Tue, Sep 17 2013
: Modern Metal
: SOM262
: available



General information
: Fri, Apr 06 2012
: Tue, Jun 05 2012
: Modern Metal
: SOM255
: available



General information
: Mon, Oct 15 2007
: Modern Metal
: SOM168
: available

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Sat, Apr 08 2017 FR Marseille Le Moulin
Sun, Apr 30 2017 FR Paris Le Trianon
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