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Latest news: Mon, May 07 2018, FESTERDAY

Death metal outfit FESTERDAY have completed their forthcoming new record, which will be released later this year. The new album was recorded at Wolfthone Studios in Finland, and a small preview of things to come can be viewed at the link below.

Watch the new video at the official Season Of Mist YouTube channel here.

Regarding the new record, FESTERDAY comment: "A year ago, we tried out this nice little studio located in the middle of pretty much nowhere and instantly fell for the sound and engineering techniques. A year later we are here again, finalizing our debut album. Keep an eye on this upcoming monster because we're talking about a versatile and fat album with death, punk and blackish nuances. If you put Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Deicide and Napalm Death in the same train, this is what you’ll get - one hell of a ride so to speak”.

Festerday band pic

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FESTERDAY were formed in Pietarsaari, Finland in the year 1989. In the following years, the band released three demos, in truly laconic Finnish style simply entitled 'Demo I' (1991). 'Demo II' (1992), and 'Demo III' (1992) that gained cult status. 'Demo II' was also released on a split with CARNIFEX. In 1993, the group split-up.

This could have been the end, but FESTERDAY got together again in 2013, remastered all their previous material with Sami "Jämy" Jämsen at Studio Perkele in November 2014, and released everything on '...the Four Stages of Decomposition...' (2015).

Featuring members of ...AND OCEANS, MAGENTA HARVEST, HAVOC UNIT, and KHAOS NIHIL, FESTERDAY are back together and will finally release their debut full-length on Season of Mist later this year.


Name Instrument
Antti Räisälä bass
Kena Strömsholm vocals
Timo Kontio guitar
Teemu Saari guitar
Jani Kuoppamaa drums




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