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Hegemon (Black Metal)




HEGEMON was born in the winter of 1996, one year after A and N met and decided to work on a common musical project. The arrival of Krzys and F in the band soon completed the line-up. "Rape the Banner of Light", the first demo, was released in 1997 on Chanteloup Creation. The 500 copies were quickly sold out, so a second edition entitled "Still raping after all these Years" and including three new songs was released late 1998. The band then welcomed J.B. just before recording their first album "Chaos Supreme" in January 2000 for French label "Sacral Production". Still motivated by the will to play a violent, melodic and nihilistic kind of black metal, HEGEMON recorded their sophomore album "By this, I conquer" in August 2002 for Dysphorie Records. After several live shows and years of dedication to the band, JB called its quits. The four musicians then decided to re-enforce the links between themselves and their music, willing to be as honest and true to themselves as ever.

The next step was to compose a new album still in the vein of the earlier releases yet exploring deeper and deeper the already solid statements of HEGEMON - another vision of black metal where violence and anger are channeled in a creative way. Since the beginning the band has evolved from an anarchic war machine to a controlled and intelligent weapon against everything that enslaves mankind. Be it politics, religion, passion, war, etc... HEGEMON is an proper entity where musicians are only instruments to spread music. "We do not belong to anything, we don't want to be linked to anything, we are what we are: dedicated and free souls only. If war seems to be the center of the HEGEMON concept, it is only a medium to access the deep roots of humanity and its violence - war has always been existing from ancient times until now! The reasons why men have always fought each others is an infinite source of creation.", vocalist N states.

Then comes the time of third album "Contemptus Mundi". This new full length starts the collaboration between HEGEMON and Season of Mist – Undergound Activists. This eight track piece of ravaging assaults resumes twelve years of underground hard work. Steadiness, rightness and dedication are the basis of the album. "Contemptus Mundi" deals with war through many different periods of human antic history, from ancient Greece through Egypt and Sumer to Mesopotamia, in order to show how things never change... Knowing your future requires to be aware of your past - this could roughly sum up what the album is all about. Musically speaking, the disc is a blend of all sources of inspiration that made the band as musicians, from early northern black metal to what surrounds them everyday. Creation in observation! And this time again, if the line up is still unknown, it is only for people to focus on the music and not on who plays it. As human beings, HEGEMON don't need to exist individually within the band, since only the band itself is important and worth being listened to. Aî Ibur Shapû!


Name Instrument
N Vokills
F Guitars
A Bass
Krzys Drums

Releases Season of Mist


Contemptus Mundi

General information
: Mon, Jan 21 2008
: True Black Metal
: SUA003
: available
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