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Latest news: Tue, Dec 13 2016, MAYHEM

Latest release: "Esoteric Warfare"

Release date: Fri, Jun 06 2014, US Tue, Jun 10 2014

MAYHEM have kicked off the first leg of their European tour performing their black metal landmark debut 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'. The iconic Norwegians are joined by WATAIN, staging 'Casus Luciferi' in full. A list all confirmed MAYHEM shows including their European and North American tours in early 2017 can be viewed below.


13 Dec 16 Rennes (FR) L'Etage
14 Dec 16 Rouen (FR) Le 106
15 Dec 16 Paris (FR) Trabendo (SOLD OUT!)
16 Dec 16 Eindhoven (NL) Eindhoven Metal Meeting (SOLD OUT!)
17 Dec 16 Warszawa (PL) Progresja
18 Dec 16 Gdansk (PL) B90

20 Jan 17 Montreal (QC) Club Soda
21 Jan 17 Toronto (ON) Phoenix Theater
22 Jan 17 Cleveland (OH) Agora Ballroom
23 Jam 17 Chicago (IL) Metro
24 Jan 17 Milwaukee (WI) Turner Hall Ballroom
25 Jan 17 Minneapolis (MN) Mill City Nights
27 Jan 17 Denver (CO) Gothic Theater
28 Jan 17 Salt Lake City (UT) The Complex
30 Jan 17 Calgary (AB) Marquee
31 Jan 17 Edmonton (AB) Starlite Room
02 Feb 17 Seattle (WA) El Corazon
03 Feb 17 Vancouver (BC) Rickshaw
04 Feb 17 Portland (OR) Hawthorne Theater
06 Feb 17 San Francisco (CA) Social Hall SF
07 Feb 17 Santa Ana (CA) The Observatory
08 Feb 17 Phoenix (AZ) Club Red
10 Feb 17 San Antonio (TX) Alamo Music Hall
11 Feb 17 Dallas (TX) Trees
13 Feb 17 Atlanta (GA) Masquerade
14 Feb 17 Wilmington (NC) Thorne Theater
15 Feb 17 Washington (DC)The Howard Theater
16 Feb 17 Philadelphia (PA) Theater of the Living Arts
17 Feb 17 Poughkeepsie (NY) The Chance Theater
19 Feb 17 New York (NY) Gramercy Theater

24 Mar 17 Karlstad (SE) Nöjesfabriken
25 Mar 17 Stockholm (SE) En Arena
26 Mar 17 København (DK) Amager Bio
27 Mar 17 Aarhus (DK) Train
29 Mar 17 London (UK) Electric Ballroom
30 Mar 17 Manchester (UK) Club Academy
31 Mar 17 Dublin (IE Academy
01 Apr 17 Glasgow (UK) Lords of the Land
05 Apr 17 Lausanne (CH) Les Docks
06 Apr 17 Milano (IT) Live Club
07 Apr 17 Nova Gorica (SI) Mostovna
08 Apr 17 Wien (AT) Metal Meeting
09 Apr 17 Zagreb (HR) Vintage Club
10 Apr 17 Belgrade (RS) Dom Omladine
11 Apr 17 Sofia (BG) Mixtape5
12 Apr 17 Brasov (RO) Club Rockstadt
13 Apr 17 Athens (GR) Fuzz Club
15 Apr 17 Budapest (HU) Durer Kert
16 Apr 17 München (DE) Dark Easter Metal Meeting


Regarding the tour, MAYHEM vocalist Attila Csihar comments: "The first time I ever heard from Mayhem was in '91-'92 when I received a letter from Euronymous. I did not know that message was going to change my whole life. They were looking for a new vocalist to replace Dead on their debut album. Of course, I agreed to their offer and in 1993 we recorded 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas', which to me remains one of the most magical albums of all time. The music opened some unfathomable dimensions that reached beyond what we were able to handle and it unleashed a complete chaos, which ended up at burning churches and eventually a murder within the band. It was almost impossible to release that record, but when it finally came out under the sun in '94, it left a lasting impact on the whole metal scene. The so-called "2nd wave of black metal" was born in the cold and dark underground of Oslo. At the same time MAYHEM collapsed and got burned down as well. From those ashes, the band had to rise again, when MAYHEM reunited with some old and new members. Yet that album always remained so strong and so unique that even after my reunion with MAYHEM in 2004, we were still not comfortable to present it live in full. Time passed and the whole band got stronger and more experienced. In 2016 we suddenly felt that it was time to finally play the whole record in order to unleash That Beast after more than two decades. 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathans' will soon become alive!"

MAYHEM's latest full-length 'Esoteric Warfare' can still be ordered from the Season of Mist shop.

Join MAYHEM on their official Facebook page.



It has been seven long years since MAYHEM released their fourth and latest full-length, "Ordo ad Chao". In the year of their 30th anniversary the single most notorious and important band in the history of black metal returns with ten venomous and vicious tracks that are true to the Norwegians’ immense legacy as kings of the underground.

Founded as early as 1984 in Oslo, Norway by the late and legendary frontman Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous, bassist Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud, and Kjetil "Manheim" Haraldsson on drums, the band took its name from the VENOM song "Mayhem with Mercy". Continuing and renewing the Black Metal style heralded by the latter English trio, MAYHEM soon became the instigators of the so called second wave and were at the heart of every controversy surrounding that genre.

The suicide of misanthropic frontman Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin, the murder of Euronymous by guest bass player "Count Grishnakh" alias the notorious Varg Vikernes, church burnings, drugs and prison sentences – MAYHEM were always at the centre of the storm. Yet not even death could stop the Norwegians, who released one musical milestone after another.

The incredible rawness of the "Deathcrush" EP (1987) was followed by the still iconic and genre defining "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" (1994), which featured devilish drummer Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg, who had joined in 1988. The vocalist on this album was the Hungarian Attila Csihar of TORMENTOR fame, who returned later in 2004 to take over from his meantime heir, the enigmatic original singer Sven-Erik "Maniac" Kristiansen. The latter was featured on the "Wolf's Lair Abyss" EP (1997), which was written mostly by highly talented guitarist Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen, who scored a massive artistic success with the highly controversial "Grand Declaration Of War" (2000). This was followed by the more classic "Chimera" (2004) and that masterpiece of utter darkness called "Ordo Ad Chao" (2007) with Attila singing again, which inspired many bands to follow in its tracks.

MAYHEM had always witnessed many line-up changes due to the circumstances described above. Therefore even the loss of Blasphemer, who decided to focus on his other band AVA INFERI in 2008, did not stop the band. Activities mainly revolved around live shows, until the right balance was found again with the recruitment of Morten "Teloch" Iversen. The guitarist had already made a name for himself with NIDINGR, which is highly regarded amongst black metal enthusiasts yet remained mostly an underground phenomenon.

Now his first compositional work with MAYHEM is unveiled and demonstrates how perfectly Teloch has captured the essence and spirit of the Norwegian legend by clearly linking the band back to its roots, while at the same time taking a step forward into the spearhead position of the genre instead of dwelling in nostalgia.

"Esoteric Warfare" is finally ready to be unleashed. This full-scale assault of total dark savagery of freezing riffs and Attila's inhumane vocals is entirely based on a concept dealing with the esoteric experimentations of the nuclear powers during the cold war. The album proves once again and beyond doubt that MAYHEM are the Alpha and the Omega of black metal!


Name Instrument
Attila Csihar Vocals
Teloch Guitars
Necrobutcher Bass
Hellhammer Drums
Ghul Guitars (live)

Releases Season of Mist


A Season In Blasphemy

General information
: Fri, Dec 11 2015
: Fri, Dec 11 2015
: Black Metal
: SOM378
: available


Esoteric Warfare

General information
: Fri, Jun 06 2014
: Tue, Jun 10 2014
: Black Metal
: SOM333
: available



General information
: Fri, Jun 06 2014
: Tue, Jun 10 2014
: Black Metal
: SOM333EP
: available


Grand Declaration of War + European Legions

General information
: Fri, Apr 25 2014
: Tue, Apr 29 2014
: Black Metal
: SOM027R
: available


Life Eternal (distribution only!)

General information
: Mon, Oct 20 2008
: Black Metal
: STN002
: available


Ordo Ad Chao

General information
: Mon, Apr 23 2007
: Black Metal
: SOM150
: available



General information
: Mon, Mar 29 2004
: Black Metal
: SOM084
: available


Legions of War

General information
: Tue, Apr 22 2003
: Black Metal
: SOM073
: not available


The Studio Experience

General information
: Mon, Aug 19 2002
: Black Metal
: SOM054
: not available


European Legions

General information
: Mon, Jul 16 2001
: Black Metal
: SOM049
: available


Live in Marseille 2000

General information
: Sat, Jun 16 2001
: Black Metal
: SOM039
: available


Grand Declaration of War

General information
: Mon, May 01 2000
: Post Black Metal
: SOM027
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Tue, Jan 24 2017 US Milwaukee, WI Turner Hall Ballroom +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Wed, Jan 25 2017 US Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Fri, Jan 27 2017 US Denver, CO Gothic Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Sat, Jan 28 2017 US Salt Lake City, UT The Complex +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Mon, Jan 30 2017 CA Calgary Marquee +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Tue, Jan 31 2017 CA Edmonton Starlite Room +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Thu, Feb 02 2017 US Seattle, WA El Corazon +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Fri, Feb 03 2017 CA Vancouver Rickshaw +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Sat, Feb 04 2017 US Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Mon, Feb 06 2017 US San Francisco, CA Social Hall SF +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Tue, Feb 07 2017 US Santa Ana, CA The Observatory +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Wed, Feb 08 2017 US Phoenix, AZ Club Red +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Fri, Feb 10 2017 US San Antonio, TX Alamo Music Hall +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Sat, Feb 11 2017 US Dallas, TX Trees +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Mon, Feb 13 2017 US Atlanta, GA Masquerade +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Tue, Feb 14 2017 US Wilmington, NC Thorne Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Wed, Feb 15 2017 US Washington, DC The Howard Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Thu, Feb 16 2017 US Philadelphia, PA Theter of the Living Arts +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Fri, Feb 17 2017 US Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Sat, Feb 18 2017 US Boston, MA Royale +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Sun, Feb 19 2017 US New York, NY Gramercy Theater +Inquisition +Black Anvil
Fri, Mar 24 2017 SE Karlstad Nöjesfabriken
Sat, Mar 25 2017 SE Stockholm En Arena
Sun, Mar 26 2017 DK København Amager Bio
Mon, Mar 27 2017 DK Aarhus Train
Tue, Mar 28 2017 NL Haarlem Patronaat
Wed, Mar 29 2017 UK London Electric Ballroom
Thu, Mar 30 2017 UK Manchester Club Academy
Fri, Mar 31 2017 IE Dublin Academy
Sat, Apr 01 2017 UK Glasgow Lord of the Land
Wed, Apr 05 2017 CH Lausanne Les Docks
Thu, Apr 06 2017 IT Milano Live Club
Fri, Apr 07 2017 SI Nova Gorica Mostovna
Sat, Apr 08 2017 AT Wien Metal Meeting
Sun, Apr 09 2017 HR Zagreb Vintage Club
Mon, Apr 10 2017 RS Belgrade Dom Omladine
Tue, Apr 11 2017 BG Sofia Mixtape5
Wed, Apr 12 2017 RO Brasov Club Rockstadt
Thu, Apr 13 2017 GR Athens Fuzz Club
Sat, Apr 15 2017 HU Budapest Durer Kert
Sun, Apr 16 2017 DE München Dark Easter Metal Meeting
Thu, Aug 03 2017 DE Wacken Wacken Open Air
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