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Obsidian Kingdom (Experimental Metal)


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Latest news: Wed, Aug 20 2014, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM

Upcoming release: "Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites"

Release date: Fri, Oct 24 2014, US Tue, Oct 28 2014

Last April, Season of Mist welcomed Spanish wunderkinds OBSIDIAN KINGDOM to the roster. We are now pleased to announce that the reissue of their long sold-out self-released debut album, ‘Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites’, will hit the stores on October 24th (October 28th in North America)!



  1. Not Yet Five
  2. Oncoming Dark
  3. Through The Glass
  4. Cinnamon Balls
  5. The Nurse
  6. Answers Revealing
  7. Last Of The Light
  8. Genteel To Mention
  9. Awake Until Dawn
  10. Haunts Of The Underworld
  11. Endless Wall
  12. Fingers In Anguish
  13. Ball-Room
  14. And Then It Was

‘Mantiis’ is available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop. The original gatefold double speckled deluxe LP edition is still available, but it is limited to 512 hand-numbered copies and there are only a handful left, so you should grab it before it’s gone!

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM previously released a video clip for “Fingers in Anguish”, a number from ‘Mantiis’. You can watch it on YouTube.

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM play hard-to-classify heavy music with plenty of contrasts. Their main features are the use of multiple sound resources in order to portray a wide range of emotions; a deep interest for aesthetics and the mise-en-scène; and the somber and cryptic quality of their lyrical topics. Defying both tradition and their Black Metal origins, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM tread their own path in an untiring search for their own unique style, aside from conventions or style boundaries.


Name Instrument
Zer0 Æmeour Íggdrasil Keys and vocals
Ojete Mordaza II Drums
Rider G Omega Guitars and vocals
Prozoid Zeta JSI Guitars
Fleast Race O’Uden Bass

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Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites

General information
: Fri, Oct 24 2014
: Tue, Oct 28 2014
: Experimental Metal
: SOM345
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