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Ulsect (Post-Death Metal)


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Latest news: Wed, Feb 22 2017, ULSECT

Upcoming release: "Ulsect"

Release date: Fri, May 12 2017, US Fri, May 12 2017

ULSECT have premiered the first track taken from their self-titled debut album, which has been slated for release on May 12th.

The Dutch death metal innovators are now streaming the opening song "Fall to Depravity" exclusively via the official premiere partners listed below.

Spark (CZ)
Rock Hard (DE)
Kaaoszine (FI)
Radio Metal (FR)
Zware Metalen (NL)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Andfari (IS)
Metal Italia (IT)
Kvlt (PL)
Ultraje (PT)
Metalfan (RO)
Crank It Up (SE)
Terrorizer (UK)
No Clean Singing (US)

Regarding the song premiere, ULSECT comment: "Our track 'Fall to Depravity' portrays moral atrophy, the corruption of human essence and the relapse into inhuman ways. The deteriorating rhythmic motif threaded throughout our album's opening track represents this gradual decay. Segments of delusive tranquillity and the vicious walls of sound revealed here, form a first glance of what our debut has to offer. We are truly proud of what we have created and are thrilled to finally be able to share this first track with all of you!"



  1. Fall to Depravity
  2. Our Trivial Toil
  3. Diminish
  4. Moirae
  5. Unveil
  6. An Augury
  7. The Endling
  8. Maunder

'Ulsect' can be pre-ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop.

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It is hard to imagine Tilburg as the heart of darkness. Yet in musical terms, this expression qualifies as an apt description for the homely Dutch city that has spawned such acts as blackened extremists DODECAHEDRON and rhythmic progressives TEXTURES. Out of this circle, ULSECT have emerged.

The death metal innovators feature guitarist Joris Bonis and drummer Jasper Barendregt from DODECAHEDRON as well as former TEXTURES bass-player Dennis Aarts. It therefore hardly comes as a surprise that elements of their origins have permeated into ULSECT's eponymous debut album. You will find high technical precision and prowess woven into dense dissonance and lucent atmosphere.

'Ulsect' embodies relentless post-death metal aesthetics fraught with shifting patterns and dark tonality. The primeval forces unleashed by pioneers such as GORGUTS and DEATHSPELL OMEGA are violently harnessed to serve a sinister musical purpose. Nightmares transformed into sonic matter.

ULSECT herewith cordially invite you to dare and explore their dark dimension.


Name Instrument
Dennis Maas vocals
Arno Frericks guitars
Joris Bonis guitars
Dennis Aarts bass
Jasper Barendregt drums

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, May 12 2017
: Fri, May 12 2017
: Post-Death Metal
: SUA079

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, May 19 2017 NL Tilburg 013 +Dodecahedron
Sun, May 21 2017 NL Utrecht Tivoli de Helling +Dodecahedron
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