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Latest news: Mon, May 07 2018, WEEDEATER

Latest release: "Goliathan"

Release date: Mon, May 18 2015, US Tue, May 19 2015

Notorious southern metal outfit WEEDEATER have announced new US tour dates this summer. The band will be playing in support of their latest release ‘Goliathan’. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.


24 Jun 18 Frederick, MD (US) Maryland Doomfest
25 Jun 18 Cincinnati, OH (US) Woodward Theatre
26 Jun 18 Bloomington, IL (US) Night shop
27 Jun 18 Milwaukee, WI (US) Cactus Club
28 Jun 18 Minneapolis, MN (US) Studio B
29 Jun 18 Kansas City, MO (US) Riot Room
30 Jun 18 Denver, CO (US) Electric Funeral Fest
01 Jul 18 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Metro Music Hall
03 Jul 18 Seattle, WA (US) Crocodile
04 Jul 18 Vancouver, BC (US) Rickshaw Theatre
05 Jul 18 Bellingham, WA (US) Wild Buffalo
07 Jul 18 Portland, OR (US) Bossanova Ballroom
08 Jul 18 Sacramento, CA (US) Blue Lamp
09 Jul 18 San Francisco, CA (US) Slims
10 Jul 18 Santa Cruz, CA (US) Catalyst
11 Jul 18 Los Angeles, CA (US) Union Club
13 Jul 18 San Diego, CA (US) Soda Bar
14 Jul 18 Phoenix, AZ (US) Club Red
15 Jul 18 Las Vegas, NV (US) Beauty Bar
18 Jul 18 Albuquerque, NM (US) Sister Bar
19 Jul 18 Dallas, TX (US) Gas Monkey
20 Jul 18 Austin, TX (US) Lost Well
21 Jul 18 Houston, TX (US) White Oak Music Hall
22 Jul 18 San Antonio, TX (US) Korova
24 Jul 18 Oklahoma City, OK (US) 89th Street
25 Jul 18 Omaha, NE (US) Waiting Room
26 Jul 18 Rock Island, IL (US) Ribco
27 Jul 18 Rensselaer, IN (US) Van Nationals
28 Jul 18 Nashville, TN (US) Exit In
29 Jul 18 Asheville, NC (US) Mothlight

WEEDEATER will play in support of their latest album 'Goliathan'. Artwork and track list can be viewed below.



  1. Processional
  2. Goliathan
  3. Cain Enabler
  4. Bow Down
  5. Battered & Fried
  6. Claw Of The Sloth
  7. Bully
  8. Joseph (All Talk)
  9. Reprise
  10. Benaddiction

'Goliathan' can still be ordered in various formats from the Season of Mist shop.

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Those infamous sludge outlaws WEEDEATER finally return with their long-awaited fifth full-length 'Goliathan'. Their new album marks the crossroads where true Southern rock and metal meet raw humour, old religion, as well as weed and whiskey. 'Goliathan' embodies the band's trademark shuffle and swagger at their fullest. Syrupy slow riffs are buoyed by canyon-deep bass and some of the hardest-hitting drumming since Keith Moon. Full-on bruisers such as "Cain Enabler", "Claw of the Sloth", and the aptly-named "Bully" demonstrate that 'Goliathan' is delivering a vintage WEEDEATER and the soon-to-be gold standard of Southern sludge metal. At its founding, the band rose like a doobie phoenix out of the ashes of BUZZOV•EN. When the cult sludge act called it a day, bass player Dave "Dixie" Collins teamed up with guitarist Dave "Shep" Shepherd and founded WEEDEATER in the harbor town of Wilmington about the year 1998. Their crushing and massive first full-length ‘…and Justice for Y’all’ (2001) created an immediate buzz, while critics were struggling to put a tag on their sound. Nearly everybody agreed that stoner rock, doom, sludge and some crusty elements were part of the mix, which the band simply calls "weed metal". The debut was produced by renowned engineer Billy Anderson (EYEHATEGOD, NEUROSIS) as well as sophomore album ‘Sixteen Tons’ (2002). WEEDEATER went out to perform live with CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY among others. After some detours of Dixie Dave, who played shortly with BONGZILLA and SOURVEIN, third album ‘God Luck and Good Speed’ hit the world in 2007 and shifted the band’s focus slightly towards the stoner side. The latest full-length ‘Jason… the Dragon’ got delayed when vocalist Dixie Dave lost a toe due to an incident with his favourite shotgun. When the sludge driven album finally came out in 2011, shows in the US and Europe cemented the band's reputation as a fierce live entity. After signing to Season of Mist, WEEDEATER reissued their full back-catalogue on their new label. Yet the Bible Belt state of North Carolina, USA remains a fertile ground for hemp and stoner rock. 'Goliathan' makes the South smoke again. Lean back and let this monster record blow your mind!


Name Instrument
Dixie Dave Bass, vocals
Shep Guitar, vocals
Travis T-Boogie Owen Drums

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Mon, May 18 2015
: Tue, May 19 2015
: Weed Metal
: SOM355
: available


Jason... The Dragon

General information
: Mon, Feb 23 2015
: Tue, Feb 24 2015
: Stoner Sludge
: SOM324
: available


God Luck And Good Speed

General information
: Mon, Jan 26 2015
: Tue, Jan 27 2015
: Stoner Sludge
: SOM323
: available


Sixteen Tons

General information
: Fri, Sep 26 2014
: Tue, Sep 30 2014
: Stoner sludge
: SOM322
: available


And Justice For Y’All

General information
: Fri, Aug 29 2014
: Tue, Sep 02 2014
: Stoner Sludge
: SOM321
: available

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Sun, Jun 24 2018 US Frederick, MD Maryland Doomfest +Zeke +Sierra
Mon, Jun 25 2018 US Cincinnati, OH Woodward Theatre +Zeke +Sierra
Tue, Jun 26 2018 US Bloomington, IL Night Shop +Zeke +Sierra
Wed, Jun 27 2018 US Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club +Zeke +Sierra
Thu, Jun 28 2018 US Minneapolis, MN Studio B +Zeke +Sierra
Fri, Jun 29 2018 US Kansas City, MO Riot Room +Zeke +Sierra
Sat, Jun 30 2018 US Denver, CO Electric Funeral Fest +Zeke +Sierra
Sun, Jul 01 2018 US Salt Lake City, UT Metro Music Hall +Zeke +Sierra
Tue, Jul 03 2018 US Seattle, WA Crocodile +Zeke +Sierra
Wed, Jul 04 2018 US Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre +Zeke +Sierra
Thu, Jul 05 2018 US Bellingham, WA Wild Buffalo +Zeke +Sierra
Sat, Jul 07 2018 US Portland, OR Bossanova Ballroom +Zeke +Sierra
Sun, Jul 08 2018 US Sacramento, CA Blue Lamp +Zeke +Sierra
Mon, Jul 09 2018 US San Francisco, CA Slims +Zeke +Sierra
Tue, Jul 10 2018 US Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst +Zeke +Sierra
Wed, Jul 11 2018 US Los Angeles, CA Union Club +Zeke +Sierra
Fri, Jul 13 2018 US San Diego, CA Soda Bar +Zeke +Sierra
Sat, Jul 14 2018 US Phoenix, AZ Club Red +Zeke +Sierra
Sun, Jul 15 2018 US Las Vegas, NV Beauty Bar +Zeke +Sierra
Wed, Jul 18 2018 US Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar +Zeke+Sierra
Thu, Jul 19 2018 US Dallas, TX Gas Monkey +Zeke+Sierra
Fri, Jul 20 2018 US Austin, TX Lost Well +Zeke+Sierra
Sat, Jul 21 2018 US Houston, TX White Oak Music Hall +Zeke+Sierra
Sun, Jul 22 2018 US San Antonio, TX Korova +Zeke+Sierra
Tue, Jul 24 2018 US Oklahoma City, OK 89th Street +Zeke+Sierra
Wed, Jul 25 2018 US Omaha, NE Waiting Room +Zeke+Sierra
Thu, Jul 26 2018 US Rock Island, IL Ribco +Zeke+Sierra
Fri, Jul 27 2018 US Rensselaer, IN Van Nationals +Zeke+Sierra
Sat, Jul 28 2018 US Nashville, TN Exit In +Zeke+Sierra
Sun, Jul 29 2018 US Asheville, NC Mothlight +Zeke+Sierra
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