Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock


Contacts Europe

Street address:


111 route de la Valentine

Lot N° 11

13011 Marseille


Phone: +33 [0]4 91 830 308
Fax: +33 [0]4 91 800 037
World Management, Artists and Repertoire: Michael Berberian
Production and Scheduling SOM Products: Sabiene Goudriaan (Do not submit demos to this address)
Export manager SOM Products: Richard Fenouillet
Web Sales and Customer Service: Coralie Roqueta, Tristan Massiou
Sales and Distribution in France: David Le Fur
Assistants Sales and Distribution in France: Nicolas Blachier, Sylvain Bernard
Event Sales And E-Shop Manager & Exports: Michael "Bleu" Adjennian
Marketing SOM products: Guillaume Rochard
Press contact: Gunnar Sauermann
Press contact (France): Tristan Massiou
Warehouse: Vincent Boucher, Cesar Tailleur
Accounting: Philippe Fossaert, Romain Giorgi
Return and Invoicing: Jean-Philippe Gerard
Graphic Design: Mathias Gomez, Adrien Bousson
IT and Web Site: Gilles Zucchini, Cedric Puchalver

Contacts America

Street address:

Season of Mist

3565 Sepviva St

Philadelphia, PA 19134-2713


Phone: +1 215 625 8400
Fax: +1 215 625 4930
Management: Gordon Conrad
Press: Enrique Sagarnaga
Sales: Al "Algar" Colbourne
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