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With their latest album 'Monotony Fields', SHAPE OF DESPAIR demonstrated that doom from Finland not only was far from getting stuck in a dead end, but was actually as beautiful, sorrowful, and majestic as it could ever get.

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Alone In The Mist

General information
: Fri, Dec 09 2016
: Fri, Dec 09 2016
: Doom Metal
: SOM405
: available

Season of Mist is reissuing US death metal legend INCANTATION's much sought after release 'Tribute to the Goat' as a limited vinyl edition in black and gold versions. 'Tribute to the Goat' was recorded "live" in studio in one day and ...

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CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX have always confounded critics trying to pin their style down ever since multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves recorded his first ideas in 2004 – which earned them tagging attempts ranging from "stoner prog" to ...

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DISPERSE have released the first song taken from their forthcoming album 'Foreword'. The third full-length of the rising progressive stars will hit the streets on February 10th.

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Today, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX will embark on their European tour and you can find a full list of confirmed dates below. Yesterday, the dark rockers have premiered their first video in support of their recently released full-length 'Bronze'.

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THE GREAT OLD ONES have unleashed the next brooding song extracted from their new album 'EOD - A Tale Of Dark Legacy', which has been composed as a sequel to H. P. Lovecraft's masterpiece "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and will finally break free into this world on January 27th.

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SHINING have reached the final round of celebrating 20 years of bleak despair, the end of hope, and vitriolic abuse last weekend in at the Nuke in Germany's capital Berlin. The band is currently touring in support of their latest album 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends'. A full list of remaining dates can be found below.

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HARK have announced a European tour in support of their forthcoming album 'Machinations'. The Welsh heavy rockers will hit the road together with CONAN and DOWNFALL OF GAIA in March 2017. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

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INQUISITION have announced their "Bloodshed Across North America Tour" in support of Norwegian black metal legends and labelmates MAYHEM. INQUISITION will embark on their hellish road trip on January 20th in Québec, Montreal. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

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Atlanta's WITHERED have announced US and Canadian shows. ‘The Winter 2017 Tour’ sees the band traveling throughout February and March in support of their latest album 'Grief Relic'. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

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CARACH ANGREN unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a political row caused by Dutch Christian political outlet ChristenUnie. Party spokesman Henk Stoffels issued a call for the ban of the band's show at the P60 in Amstelveen on December 24th. He basically claimed the band was "satanic", and their "demonic music would lead the youth astray".

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