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Latest news: Thu, Apr 23 2015

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: ABBATH

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of ABBATH! Having recently departed from IMMORTAL to form a new band under his own name, the iconic Norwegian black metal legend is currently working on his debut album for Season of Mist, which is expected to be ready early 2016. Abbath is also revealing his new line-up and live dates below.

Bass duties will be handled by a man familiar to metal fans across the world – Tom Cato Visnes, more widely known as King ov Hell and main composer for several GORGOROTH albums as well as his own bands OV HELL with singer Shagrath from DIMMU BORGIR and GOD SEED with exceptional black metal vocalist Gaahl. His fellow GOD SEED member and BORKNAGAR sticksman Baard Kolstad will also join ABBATH on drums.


Regarding this signing Michael Berberian personally commented: "My first black metal concert ever was IMMORTAL, ROTTING CHRIST, and BLASPHEMY in Paris, 1993", Season of Mist CEO states. "Black metal was then, and still is, defining my musical taste. This concert was life changing and one of the events that eventually sparked the birth of Season of Mist. Fast-forward 22 years from that concert to this moment in time. ROTTING CHRIST have been with us for years, and now ABBATH joins us too! I'm presenting this signing with a pure adrenaline high and childlike amazement. On top of this, Abbath is one of a kind, a genuine character. I have known Tom aka King for years, and Baard is a phenomenon – one of a kind in any generation of drummers. I have no doubt that this line-up will surpass anything that Abbath did in the past. This band has just the right chemistry, the ambition and the vision to excel."

Abbath metal hammer de 05 2015

Speakers of German can read a world exclusive interview with Abbath about his split from IMMORTAL and his founding of ABBATH in the May issue of the German Metal Hammer. For readers of English, Metal Hammer UK will have an exclusive feature on ABBATH in their next issue, out on April 28th.

Abbath tuska 2015jpg

Having already announced that "new songs have been honed, ready to sit alongside classic Immortal material and rarely – if ever – played gems", Abbath and his band will make their world debut at Tuska Metal Festival stage headlining on Saturday 27th June 2015, alongside ALICE COOPER, IN FLAMES, and OPETH among others. This will be followed by more headline events. For a full list of currently confirmed ABBATH shows see below:

27th of June 2015: Tuska Metal Festival, Finland
4th of September 2015: Meh Suff Metal Festival, Switzerland
5th of September 2015: Fall of Summer, France
18th September 2015: The Forum, London, UK
20th February 2016: Blastfest, Norway

Abbath blastfest 2016

Abbath: guitar & vocals
Tom Cato "King of Hell" Visnes: bass
Baard Kolstad: drums


ABBATH on Facebook
ABBATH homepage

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: SHAPE OF DESPAIR

Upcoming release: "Monotony Fields"

Release date: Mon, Jun 15 2015, US Tue, Jun 16 2015

SHAPE OF DESPAIR have unveiled the artwork and tracklist as well as the first new song and title track of their forthcoming full-length 'Monotony Fields', which has been scheduled for release on June 15th (and one day later in North America). The atmospheric funeral doom jewel ‘Monotony Fields’ is exclusively streaming via these official media partners below.

Metal Hammer (DE)
Soundi (FI)
Thrashocore (FR)
Rockoverdose (GR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Metaliotalia (IT)
Metal Exposure (NL)
Eternal Terror (NO)
Against Magazine (PT)
Terrorizer (UK)
Decibel (US)

The band comments on this song: "For us, 'Monotony Fields' is the song, which reflects the album and its atmosphere the most", tells guitarist Jarno Salomaa, "a slow trip into the mind of desperation."

'Monotony Fields' is now available for pre-order via the Season of Mist shop at this link. SHAPE OF DESPAIR have furthermore revealed the artwork and tracklist of 'Monotony Fields'. Both can be viewed below.



  1. Reaching The Innermost
  2. Monotony Fields
  3. Descending Inner Night
  4. The Distant Dream Of Life
  5. Withdrawn
  6. In Longing
  7. The Blank Journey
  8. Written In My Scars

SHAPE OF DESPAIR have been confirmed for two festival dates this summer. More shows will be announced soon.

19 Jun 15 Clisson (FR) Hellfest Open Air
21 Aug 15 Alba Iulia Fortress (RO) Dark Bombastic Evening (exact date TBA)


SHAPE OF DESPAIR’s current line-up is as follows:

Henri Koivula: vocals
Natalie Koskinen: vocals
Jarno Salomaa: guitars, keyboard
Tomi Ullgren: guitars
Sami Uusitalo: bass
Samu Ruotsalainen: drums


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Thu, Apr 23 2015: KEN MODE

Upcoming release: "Success"

Release date: Mon, Jun 15 2015, US Tue, Jun 16 2015

KEN mode are now streaming the second new song taken from their forthcoming sixth full-length 'Success', due June 15th (and one day later in North America). The power trio from Winnipeg, Canada is exclusively premiering the song "These Tight Jeans" via NPR as official media partner here. All forthcoming KEN mode live dates in Europe and North America are listed below.

KEN mode comment: "'These Tight Jeans' is a post punk-rock tribute to the absolute insanity of the 'hater' culture that plagues the media, social networking, and our daily lives as human beings alive in 2015", explains frontman Jesse Matthewson. "The first line of the song says it all: 'I would like to learn how to kill the nicest man in the world'. Stop disrespecting each other and go run a marathon, do some push-ups, read a book, create something: get a life. Life's too short. Guest vocals came from our friend Jill Clapham, and channels plenty of feel from 80's post punk and garage rock coupled with our usual bite."

'Success' is a bold move towards sounds that originally inspired the band at the beginning sixteen years ago. KEN mode have already proved this claim by releasing a video for the opening track "Blessed". The album can already be pre-ordered in various formats through the Season of Mist shop.

KEN mode recorded 'Success' with legendary engineer Steve Albini (NIRVANA, THE JESUS LIZARD, PJ HARVEY) to capture the material in a fully live and analogue session in the band's hometown in November 2014. This set-up brought to fruition the most raw, rock and roll sound this band has ever put forth.

KEN mode have already revealed the cover of 'Success', which was created by acclaimed Winnipeg based fine artist Randy Ortiz. The artwork can now be viewed below along with the tracklist.



  1. Blessed
  2. These Tight Jeans
  3. The Owl
  4. I Just Liked Fire
  5. Management Control
  6. A Passive Disaster
  7. Failing At Fun Since 1981
  8. A Catalog Of Small Disappointments
  9. Dead Actors

KEN mode have previously announced a second European tour after their just ended road-rage with Swiss post-hardcore act Cortez, which happens before the Canadians will embark on a journey through North America. A list of all shows can be viewed below.


25 May 15 La Louviere (BE) Taverne Du Theatre
27 May 15 Copenhagen (DK) Kb18
28 May 15 Hamburg (DE) Astra Stube
29 May 15 Paris (FR) OTB Festival
31 May 15 Bristol (UK) Temples Festival
01 Jun 15 London (UK) Macbeth
02 Jun 15 Lille (FR) Peniche
03 Jun 15 Sint (BE) Jeugdhuis Job
04 Jun 15 Caen (FR) TBA
06 Jun 15 Poitiers (FR ) Less Playboy Is More Cowboy Fest


16 Jun 15 Toronto, ON (CA) The Shop (Parts & Labour) (+Fight Amp +The Great Sabatini)
17 Jun 15 Montreal, QC (CA) Turbo Haus (+Fight Amp +The Great Sabatini)
18 Jun 15 Brooklyn, NY (US) St. Vitus (+Fight Amp +Pyrrhon +Couch Slut)
19 Jun 15 Philadelphia, PA (US) Kung Fu Necktie (+Fight Amp)
20 Jun 15 Columbus, OH (US) Ace of Cups (+Fight Amp +Lo-Pan)
21 Jun 15 Chicago, IL (US) The Burlington (+Fight Amp +Gobo's Cvit)
26 Jun 15 Winnipeg, MB (CA) The Goodwill (+Pop Crimes +Teethmarks)

Rock, noise, math, indie – KEN mode offer a root to it all on 'Success', locating a common ancestor that's behind all that they do and have done as a band. It's one seriously fermented sound that pervades these recordings, a goldrush of skewed rhythms, corrosive riffs and scorching pickup abuse, so diligently pulled off and inherently important to the band. Their path first appears to be one of complex inspiration, but a lineage soon becomes clear, lighting up a way through concentric circles of legacy that encompasses the full spread of inventive heavinesses that fed in to the grunge estuary, and out in to the open sea of independent labels in the final decade of the last century, where KEN mode first appeared.

'Success' is a funny concept; in its rawest, most pure form, it is entirely relative, and this was the subject KEN mode chose to approach their new album with. Sonically, and lyrically, a shift has been made from the classic spitting of metallic hardcore tinged vitriol, that the band has become known for, to a rawer, more mature, even humourous indie rock aesthetic. In April 2014, the band set out to pay tribute to where they've come from: a salute to both their Canadian Prairie roots, and a time when they first started to care about making music; the burgeoning 'grunge' and Touch & Go/Dischord scenes of the late 80s/early 90s, with bands like NIRVANA, BIG BLACK, COP SHOOT COP, THE COWS, CIRCUS LUPUS, and DRIVE LIKE JEHU warping their teenage minds. Lyrically, the band's fascination with comedy spirals around classical western concepts of "success" - from employment, sex, marriage, religion, socio-economic standing, and particularly the many perceptions people have of how they, and those around them, happen to fit into the world.

Frontman Jesse Matthewson describes his upcoming work as being "a decidedly stripped down northern noise rock apocalypse to be unleashed on the world. Time to take this back to our roots."

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: CARACH ANGREN

Latest release: "This Is No Fairytale"

Release date: Mon, Feb 23 2015, US Tue, Feb 24 2015

CARACH ANGREN are highly acclaimed for their mindblowing orchestrations. The extraordinary talent as a composer of keyboarder Clemens "Ardek" Wijers has not escaped the newly forged alliance between RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of HYPOCRISY and PAIN, which operates under the moniker LINDEMANN. Leading Dutch metal magazine AARDSCHOK has just revealed in its May issue that Ardek of CARACH ANGREN has contributed to this project.

The composer comments: "I'm very proud to announce that I have created orchestral arrangements for project LINDEMANN by Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren", relates Ardek. "Their album called 'Skills in Pills' will be released in May and is going to be a killer! You can read more about this in the latest Dutch magazine Aardschok."

Legendary Swedish producer and musical mastermind Peter Tägtgren compliments: "Clemens pimped up my orchestra parts like a god."


CARACH ANGREN have released their latest horror concept album 'This Is No Fairytale' on the 23rd of February this year. The album was mixed by Peter Tägtgren and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren and can still be ordered directly from the Season of Mist shop. The album is also streaming in full on Bandcamp. and on the Season of Mist Youtube channel, which can be subscribed to here.

Artwork and tracklist of 'This Is No Fairytale' can be viewed below.



  1. Once upon a Time...
  2. There's No Place Like Home
  3. When Crows Tick On Windows
  4. Two Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar Cobweb
  5. Dreaming Of A Nightmare In Eden
  6. Possessed By A Craft Of Witchery
  7. Killed and Served By The Devil
  8. The Witch Perished In Flames
  9. Tragedy Ever After

CARACH ANGREN have announced the following festival dates for this summer:

25 Apr 15 Alsfeld (DE) Stadthalle - Kings of Blackmetal Festival
12 Jun 15 Cerveny Kostelec (CZ) Metalgate - Czech Death Fest
21 Jun 15 Clisson (FR) Hellfest Open Air
14 Aug 15 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summerbreeze Open Air - exact date tbc

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: SÓLSTAFIR

Latest release: "Ótta"

Release date: Fri, Aug 29 2014, US Tue, Sep 02 2014

Enigmatic Icelanders SÓLSTAFIR have kicked off their North American tour last night in Brooklyn, NY. The rock band now continues across the US and Canada, where they will be hitting Montréal tonight, then Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Austin, and more, before concluding in Richmond, VA on May 20th. A full list of confirmed shows including European summer festivals can be found below.



23 Apr 15 Montreal, QC (CA) L'ail'ze
24 Apr 15 Ottawa, ON (CA) Mavericks
25 Apr 15 Toronto, ON (CA) Garrison
26 Apr 15 Rochester, NY (US) Bug Jar
27 Apr 15 Pittsburgh, PA (US) 31st St Pub
28 Apr 15 Columbus, OH (US) Ace Of Cups
29 Apr 15 Grand Rapids, MI (US) Pyramid Scheme
30 Apr 15 Milwaukee, WI (US) tbc
01 May 15 Minneapolis, MN (US) Nether Bar
03 May 15 Chicago, IL (US) Reggies
04 May 15 Kansas City, MO (US) Riot Room
05 May 15 Denver, CO (US) Lost Lake Lounge
06 May 15 Salt Lake City, UT (US) Bar Deluxe
07 May 15 Elko, NV (US) Club Silver Dollar
08 May 15 Spokane, WA (US) The Pin
09 May 15 Vancouver, BC (CA) The Astoria
10 May 15 Seattle, WA (US) El Corazon
11 May 15 Portland OR (US) Star Theater
12 May 15 San Francisco, CA (US) Oakland Opera
13 May 15 Los Angeles, CA (US) Los Globos
14 May 15 Mesa, AZ (US) Club Red
15 May 15 Albuquerque, NM (US) Sister Bar
16 May 15 Fort Worth, TX (US) Sons Of Hermann Hall
17 May 15 Austin, TX (US) Red 7
18 May 15 New Orleans, LA (US) One Eyed Jacks
19 May 15 Atlanta, GA (US) The Earl
20 May 15 Richmond, VA (US) Strange Matter


22 May 15 Leipzig (DE) Wave Gotik Treffen
13 Jun 15 Pannonia Fields (AT) Nova Rock
20 Jun 15 Halden (NO) Tons of Rock
16 Jul 15 Dour (BE) Dour Festival
17 Jul 15 Cuxhaven (DE) Deichbrand
18 Jul 15 Joensuu (FI) Ilosaarirock
24 Jul 15 Lichtenfels (DE) Ragnarock Open Air
25 Jul 15 Lorrach (DE) Baden in Blut
26 Jul 15 Maidstone (UK) Ramblin' Man Fair
07 Aug 15 Jaromer (CZ) Fortress Josefov (Brutal Assault - exact date tbc)
14 Aug 15 Saint Nolff (FR) Motocultor Festival

SÓLSTAFIR are streaming the video of their fantastic KEXP radio session here. This outstanding performance was exclusively recorded at and for the station on location in Seattle during the eclectic Icelandic rockers’ recent US tour in December 2014.

SÓLSTAFIR are touring in support of their latest album 'Ótta', which is still available in various formats on the Season of Mist shop.



  1. Lágnætti
  2. Ótta
  3. Rismál
  4. Dagmál
  5. Miðdegi
  6. Nón
  7. Miðaftann
  8. Náttmál
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Thu, Apr 23 2015: BLACK COBRA

BLACK COBRA will kick of their European tour in the UK at London's Desertfest tomorrow. The hardcore-fuelled sludge metal act will be joined by ACID KING for the first part of their road rage until Innsbruck, Austria on May 9th and then continues without the Californians for six more shows. A full list of concerts can be viewed below.


24 Apr 15 London (UK) Desertfest
27 Apr 15 Brussels (BE) Magasin4 (+Acid King)
28 Apr 15 Paris (FR) Glazart (+Acid King)
29 Apr 15 Athens (GR) Kyttaro Club (+Acid King)
01 May 15 Copenhagen (DK) Heavy Days in Doomtown Festival (+Acid King)
02 May 15 Osnabrück (DE) Bastard Club (+Acid King)
03 May 15 Frankfurt (DE) Zoom (+Acid King)
04 May 15 München (DE) Feierwerk (+Acid King)
06 May 15 Linz (AT) Kapu (+Acid King)
07 May 15 Wien (AT) Viper Room (+Acid King)
08 May 15 Budapest (HU) Roham Bar (+Acid King)
09 May 15 Innsbruck (AT) PMK (+Acid King)
11 May 15 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
12 May 15 Berlin (DE) Cassiopeia
13 May 15 Cottbus (DE) La Casa
14 May 15 Lausanne (CH) Le Romandie
15 May 15 Giavera del Montello (IT) Benicio Live Gigs
16 May 15 Milano (IT) Lo-Fi


Regarding their new album and signing, BLACK COBRA commented: "We are very excited to be on Season of Mist with such a great group of people and an amazing roster of diverse artists. We will be entering the studio in the next couple months to record our new album. We are super stoked on the new tracks and cannot wait for you guys to hear them."

BLACK COBRA were formed in 2001 by guitarist and vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-CAVITY), who was joined by Rafael Martinez (ex-ACID KING, -16, GAMMERA). The duo exploded from the underground with their scathing take on hardcore-fuelled sludge metal. After the release of 4 well-received full lengths, BLACK COBRA have levelled venues across the United States and internationally alongside such cult acts as HIGH ON FIRE, WEEDEATER, PELICAN, THE SWORD, YOB, SLEEP, TORCHE, KYUSS LIVES and more.


Join BLACK COBRA on their official Facebook page, on Twitter, as well as on Instagram.

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: OBSIDIAN KINGDOM

Latest release: "Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites"

Release date: Fri, Oct 24 2014, US Tue, Oct 28 2014

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM have just released a cover version of the NIRVANA classic "Breed" taken from the grunge heroes sophomore album 'Nevermind'. The track has been produced on request of Spain's leading webzine in matters of hard music, RockZone as a contribution to the compilation 'Bipolar Sessions #2' on the occasion of this year's Record Store Day.

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM comment: "As so many kids from the nineties, one of the things that made us break into playing an instrument was receiving a mixtape from the weird guy at school that featured the very best of alternative rock, from ALICE IN CHAINS to TOOL and from MARILYN MANSON to SOUNDGARDEN, which had us desperately falling in love with rock music. When RockZone offered us to participate in the second edition of their 'Bipolar Sessions', we felt like those kids again, and hurried back to our garage to remove the dust from our old distortion pedals. We have always had a huge penchant for NIRVANA, especially in their noisiest, and we have chosen 'Breed' because it is the perfect pop song with all the punk rage and teenage angst that we loved so deep back in the day."

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM are currently working on a follow-up to their album debut 'Mantiis'. The reissue of the album is still available on the Season of Mist shop in various formats and bundles. Artwork and tracklist are shown below.



  1. Not Yet Five
  2. Oncoming Dark
  3. Through The Glass
  4. Cinnamon Balls
  5. The Nurse
  6. Answers Revealing
  7. Last Of The Light
  8. Genteel To Mention
  9. Awake Until Dawn
  10. Haunts Of The Underworld
  11. Endless Wall
  12. Fingers In Anguish
  13. Ball-Room
  14. And Then It Was

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM are an independent music project founded in Barcelona in 2005. The Catalans have already released two video clips; one for the song "Fingers in Anguish" the other for the track "Ball-Room". The band also issued a live video for the track "Awake Until Dawn", which is available here in the Necro Deathmort Remix version of the original limited edition.

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Thu, Apr 23 2015: ETHS

ETHS are announcing a new drummer after recently parting ways with their long-time member Yom. The new man on the sticks is now revealed to be R.U.L. For a demonstration of his outstanding talent and skills, click here!

ETHS comment: "We are thrilled to announce that R.U.L will be banging the drums for us on our next live shows. Our first rehearsals with him were mind-blowing and we cannot wait to introduce you to this very talented drummer! We had a great time with Yom and wrote some of our best songs together, but after a lot of deliberating we reached the shared conclusion to proceed on separate paths. Yom remains a dear friend and we wish him all the best for the future!"


The new sticksman adds: “It is an honour for me to be playing with ETHS and it is a great pleasure to work with them", R.U.L comments. "I cannot thank them enough for their trust!"

ETHS have previously announced a string of summer festival shows and a Spanish tour in November 2015. For a list of all confirmed concerts, please see below.


24 Apr 15 Albertville (FR) D-Viation Festival
06 May 15 Montmorot (FR) Crazyfest
13 Jun 15 Peynier (FR) South Metal Fest
21 Jun 15 Clisson (FR) Hellfest
26 Sep 15 Corbie (FR) Rockin' The Docks (Asso Le Bruit Du Rock)
03 Oct 15 Moudon (CH) Les Prisons de Moudon
12 Nov 15 Bilbao (ES) Sonora
13 Nov 15 Madrid (ES) We Rock
14 Nov 15 Valencia (ES) Rock City
15 Nov 15 Barcelona (ES) Razz 3


On further news, ETHS mastermind Staif has joined the ESP guitar team. The guitarist comments: "I am very proud to announce that I'm now part of the ESP family! I am extremely thrilled to hold these brand new guitars in my hands. Let's meet at our next shows to let you hear how they sound!"


ETHS are currently hard at work on their forthcoming fourth full-length, which is tentatively scheduled for a late 2015 / early 2016 release.

Staif: guitars
Rachel Aspe: vocals
Damien: bass
R.U.I.: drums

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