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Latest news: Thu, Sep 11 2014

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: NECROPHAGIA

Upcoming release: "WhiteWorm Cathedral"

Release date: Fri, Oct 24 2014, US Tue, Oct 28 2014

NECROPHAGIA are now unveiling a new gut wrenching-track of their forthcoming evil masterpiece 'WhiteWorm Cathedral'. The kings of US horror metal have teamed up with the following official media partners in crime to exclusively stream "Reborn Through Black Mass":

Metalasfuck (AU)
Pro-Rock (BG)
Spark (CZ)
Metal Hammer (DE)
Inferno (FI)
Radiometal (FR)
Rockoverdose (GR)
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Rock Hard (IT)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Close-Up (SE)
Metal Hammer (UK)
Revolver (US)



  1. Reborn Through Black Mass
  2. Вий
  3. Angel Blake
  4. Warlock Messiah
  5. Fear The Priest
  6. Elder Things
  7. Coffins
  8. Hexen Nacht
  9. Rat Witch
  10. March Of The Deathcorps(e)
  11. Silentium Vel Mortis
  12. The Dead Among Us
  13. WhiteWorm Cathedral

‘WhiteWorm Cathedral’ will be released as a Digipak CD, various limited colour LPs and merchandising. All formats are available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop.

Last November, NECROPHAGIA released an exclusive non-album track entitled "The Wicked". Watch the lyrics video on YouTube!.

Formed in 1983, NECROPHAGIA were one of the very first death metal bands in the United States. Often considered pioneers in the "Horror Metal" genre, the band gained notoriety after cutting their teeth in the underground by staging ambitious live shows, chalk full of blood, guts and gore. The band went on to receive world-wide acclaim for their 1998 release of 'Holocausto de la Morte', the band's genre-defining album featuring PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo. Following this landmark album, NECROPHAGIA went on to release several well-received full lengths and EPs, most of them available on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: BEYOND CREATION

Upcoming release: "Earthborn Evolution"

Release date: Fri, Oct 24 2014, US Tue, Oct 28 2014

BEYOND CREATION are following the example of the US veterans and reveal the amazing title track of their forthcoming album 'Earthborn Evolution'. The new Canadian masters of progressive technical death metal have teamed up exclusively with these media partners for the official streaming of this song:

Slam (AT/DE)
Spark (CZ)
VS-Webzine (FR)
Rocking (GR)
Meal Wani (IN)
Metalitalia (IT)
Lords of Metal (NL) (NO)
Zero Tolerance (UK)



  1. Elusive Reverence
  2. Sous La Lueur De L'empereur
  3. Earthborn Evolution
  4. The Great Revelation
  5. Neurotical Transmissions
  6. Abstrait Dialog
  7. The Axiom
  8. L'exorde
  9. Theatrical Delirium
  10. Fundamental Process

‘Earthborn Evolution’ will be released as a Digipak CD, gatefold double LP in various colours, cassette, and merchandising. All items are available for pre-order at the Season of Mist e-shop.

BEYOND CREATION recently announced a winter Japanese tour. The Japanese tour, the band's second, is slated for early December. The confirmed dates can be found below.

05 Dec 14 Osaka (JP) Nanba Rockets
06 Dec 14 Tokyo (JP) Cyclone
07 Dec 14 Tokyo (JP) Cyclone

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: SOLSTAFIR

Latest release: "Ótta"

Release date: Fri, Aug 29 2014, US Tue, Sep 02 2014

Season of Mist proudly congratulate Sólstafir for their epic new masterpiece 'Ótta' to enter the album charts in several countries in week #36. So far these positions have been reported: Iceland #1! Finland #2 and Germany #25! As well as Switzerland #64 and Austria #65!



  1. Lágnætti
  2. Ótta
  3. Rismál
  4. Dagmál
  5. Miðdegi
  6. Nón
  7. Miðaftann
  8. Náttmál

‘Ótta’ is available as on the Season of Mist shop.

A 2-track EP was released earlier early August as a Season of Mist e-shop exclusive. Including non-album track “Til Valhallar” and a radio mix of “Ótta”, this 7” vinyl EP is available in black edition and silver edition, both strictly limited to 500 copies. There are few copies left, don’t miss out!

SÓLSTAFIR previously announced a string of European tour dates this autumn. See the list below.

28 Oct 14 Cork (IE) Cyprus Avenue
29 Oct 14 Dublin (IE) Voodoo Lounge
30 Oct 14 Glasgow (UK) Audio
31 Oct 14 London (UK) The Dome
01 Nov 14 Leeds (UK) Damnation Festival
04 Nov 14 Colmar (FR) Grillen
05 Nov 14 Luzern (CH) Schuur
06 Nov 14 München (DE) Strom
07 Nov 14 Stuttgart (DE) 1210
08 Nov 14 Frankfurt (DE) Nachtleben
09 Nov 14 Köln (DE) Werkstatt
10 Nov 14 Antwerp (BE) Trix
11 Nov 14 Rotterdam (NL) Baroeg
12 Nov 14 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
13 Nov 14 Bielefeld (DE) Forum
14 Nov 14 Berlin (DE) K17
15 Nov 14 Wangels (DE) Weißenhäuser Strand (Metal Hammer Paradise)
17 Nov 14 Warszawa (PL) Hydrozagadka
18 Nov 14 Wien (AT) Viper Room
19 Nov 14 Budapest (HU) Dürer Kert
21 Nov 14 Graz (AT) Explosiv
22 Nov 14 Innsbruck (AT) Weekender Club

SOLSTAFIR recently performed at this year's Hellfest in Clisson, FR. Pro-shot footage of the band's entire set can be viewed here.

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: NIGHTBRINGER

Upcoming release: "Ego Dominus Tuus"

Release date: Fri, Sep 26 2014, US Tue, Sep 30 2014

NIGHTBRINGER are now unleashing a new song taken from their ripping new full length 'Ego Dominus Tuus'. The American orthodox black metal cultists have chosen "The Otherness of Being" to be exclusively streamed via these official media partners:

Spark (CZ)
Rock Hard (DE)
Radiowetal (FR)
Metalitalia (IT)
Eternal-Terror (NO)
Zero Tolerance (UK)
No Clean Singing (US)



  1. Prayer Of Naphal
  2. Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis
  3. Lantern Of Eden’s Night
  4. Things Which Are Naught
  5. I Am The Gateway
  6. Call Of The Exile
  7. Where Fire Never Dreamt Of Man
  8. The Witchfires Of Tubal-Qayin
  9. Salvation Is The Son Of Leviathan (Alabas In Memoriam)
  10. The Otherness Of Being

‘Ego Dominus Tuus’ is available for pre-order on the Season of Mist e-shop.

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Latest release: "Mechanical Tides"

Release date: Fri, Jul 18 2014, US Tue, Jul 22 2014

CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR are keeping themselves extremely busy. The grinding sludge maniacs with hit the road together with TEETHING for the second leg of their UK tour 2014 at the King Billy in Hull, England on September 11th. The English will proceed to start riots with their partners in crime SICK/TIRED in continental Europe beginning on the 19th of October in Brugge, Belgium at Hof van Beroep. On further news CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR have now released a lyric video featuring the song "Garland Greene" featuring Jeff Walker of Carcass fame, which can be viewed here!

Cma september european tour 2014

September Dates with TEETHING

11 Sep 14 Hull (UK) King Billy (+ Teething)
12 Sep 14 Sheffield (UK) Tye Die Tapes HQ, (+ Teething)
13 Sep 14 Nottingham (UK) Stuck On A Name (+ Teething)
14 Sep 14 Birmingham (UK) Secret Gig (+ Teething)
15 Sep 14 London (UK) Old Blue Last (+ Teething)
16 Sep 14 Brighton (UK) Sticky Mikes Frogs Bar (+ Teething)
17 Sep 14 Bristol (UK) Exchange (+ Teething)
18 Sep 14 Plymouth (UK) Tiki Bar, (+ Teething)
19 Sep 14 Southampton (UK) Firehouse (+ Teething)
20 Sep 14 Tilburg (NL) O13 (Incubate Festival)
21 Sep 14 Antwerp (BE) Kavka (+ Teething)

Cma october european tour 2014

October Dates with SICK/TIRED

19 Oct 14 Brugge (BE) Hof van Beroep (+ Sick/Tired)
20 Oct 14 Berlin (DE) Koma F (+ Sick/Tired)
21 Oct 14 Leipzig (DE) Liwi (+ Sick/Tired)
22 Oct 14 Praha (CZ) Modra Vopice (+ Sick/Tired)
23 Oct 14 Bern (CH) Cafete (+ Sick/Tired)
24 Oct 14 Milano (IT) Blue Rose (+ Sick/Tired)
25 Oct 14 Rome (IT) Go! Fest (+ Sick/Tired)
26 Oct 14 Zürich (CH) Klubi
27 Oct 14 Reims (FR) tba
28 Oct 14 Ramsgate (UK) Ramsgate Music Hall
30 Oct 14 Edinburgh (UK) Opium
31 Oct 14 Newcastle (UK) Head Of Steam

Additional festival shows

01 Nov 14 Leeds (UK) Leeds University Union (Damnation Festival)
11 Nov 14 Manchester (UK) The Roadhouse (+Entombed)

The cover artwork and track list of ‘Mechanical Tides’ are as follows:



  1. Father Tongue
  2. Blood Harmony
  3. Die Glocke
  4. Line Check
  5. Wire Mother
  6. Gin Dreams
  7. Closed Casket
  8. Sweet Talk
  9. Admit Defeat
  10. Garland Greene
  11. River Blind
  12. Black Chapter
  13. Insect Politicians

The album is available for order on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: NECRONOMICON

Latest release: "Rise of the Elder Ones"

Release date: Fri, Jun 07 2013, US Tue, Jun 11 2013

Canadian death metallers NECRONOMICON just announced they started to write the follow-up to last year’s ‘Rise of the Elder Ones’! The band issued the following statement: “As up today we would like to announce that we are officially writing a new album. We already have 2 or 3 title options for the album and artwork ideas, but nothing is 100% sure. Hopefully we’ll be in studio really soon. As always thanks for your support and keep the spirit alive.”

‘Rise of the Elder Ones’ is available on the Season of Mist e-shop. Here are the cover artwork and track listing:



  1. Resurrected
  2. The End of Times
  3. The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II)
  4. The Nuclear Chaos
  5. From Beyond
  6. Rise of the Elder Ones
  7. The Valley of the Lost Souls
  8. Celestial Being
  9. Dark Corners of the Earth
  10. The Fallen

You can listen to the album in its entirety here, and watch the video for the title track here.

Stay tuned for more news on the forthcoming full-length!

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Thu, Sep 11 2014: NOTHNEGAL

Latest release: "Decadence"

Release date: Fri, Jan 20 2012, US Tue, Feb 28 2012

MP3 - NOTHNEGAL – Decadence - Janus

Maldivian melodic deathers NOTHNEGAL have been chosen to join the mighty KREATOR, ARCH ENEMY, and HELL on a string of dates in France and Spain! See a list of all confirmed shows below:


26 Nov 14 Lyon (FR) Le Transbordeur
27 Nov 14 Istres (FR) L'Usine
28 Nov 14 Barcelona (ES) Razzmatazz
29 Nov 14 Madrid (ES) La Riviera
01 Dec 14 Toulouse (FR) Le Bikini
02 Dec 14 Paris (FR) Le Bataclan

NOTHNEGALS debut album ‘Decadence’ is available on the Season of Mist e-shop.



  1. Salvation
  2. Claymore
  3. Janus
  4. Decadence
  5. Armageddon
  6. R.A.D.A.R
  7. Sins Of Our Creations
  8. Singularity
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Thu, Sep 11 2014: RITUAL CVLT FEST 2014

Season of Mist is proud to announce that nearly all bands performing on the second day of the Ritual Cvlt Fest in Barcelona, Spain have been picked from this label’s roster. On Friday, October 3rd there will be performances by the following groups at Razzmatazz: GHOST BRIGADE (FI), OBSIDIAN KINGDOM (ES), KEN mode (CA), and HARK (UK) as well as NICHOLAS BULLEN (UK).

The following bands have also been confirmed for Thursday, October 2nd: YOB (US), Pallbearer (US), Foscor (ES), Orthodox (ES), and Wolvserpent (US). Ritual Cvlt Fest aspires to become for Barcelona and Spain a heavy musical institution and quotes Supersonic (UK), Incubate (NL), Roadburn (NL), and Inferno (NO) as sources of inspiration and setting the standard aimed for. Tickets for the event can be bought online here.


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