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Latest news: Tue, Dec 22 2015

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Tue, Dec 22 2015: URGEHAL

Latest release: "Aeons In Sodom"

Release date: Fri, Feb 12 2016, US Fri, Feb 12 2016

URGEHAL have unleashed the first ripping new track taken from their forthcoming full-length 'Aeons in Sodom', which has been slated for worldwide release on February 12th. Album details including a full list of guest-vocalists are shown below together with via the official media partners exclusively streaming the song "The Sulphur Black Haze" featuring TAAKE vocalist Hoest.

Metal Obsession (AU)
Metal Hammer (DE)
Pitchline (ES)
Inferno (FI)
VS-Webzine (FR)
Lángoló Gitárok (HU)
Andfari (IS)
Metalitalia (IT)
Lords of Metal (NL)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Musick Magazine (PL)
Ultraje (PT)
Terrorizer (UK)
Invisible Oranges (US)

URGEHAL have simultaneously unveiled the artwork and track list of 'Aeons in Sodom', which can both be viewed below.



  1. Dødsrite
  2. The Iron Children
  3. Blood Of The Legion
  4. The Sulphur Black Haze
  5. Lord Of Horns
  6. Norwegian Blood And Crystal Lakes
  7. Thy Daemon Incarnate
  8. Endetid
  9. Psychedelic Evil
  10. Woe
  11. Funeral Rites [Sepultura cover]
  12. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay [Autopsy cover]

When Trondr Nefas sadly passed away of natural causes at the age of 34 on May 13th in 2012 this also sealed the end of URGEHAL. Out of friendship, respect and as a tribute to their late singer and guitarist, the Norwegians decided to go ahead with producing a final album. Half of the material on 'Aeons in Sodom' was written by Trondr with the other half contributed by guitarist Enzifer. URGEHAL invited close friend and band mates from other projects of Nefas to contribute and those honoured in this way all joined to pay homage.

Recording line-up
Trondr Nefas: guitar solos
Enzifer: guitars, bass
Uruz: drums

URGEHAL have published a list of all guest-musicians featured on 'Aeons in Sodom', which can be viewed below.

Guest musicians
Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE): vocals on track 2
M. Shax (ENDEZZMA): vocals and lyrics on track 3 and lyrics on track 5
Byron Braidwood (MONUMENTOMB): guitar solo on track 3
Hoest (TAAKE): vocals on track 4
Mannevond (KOLDBRANN): vocals on track 5, bass on track 12
Malphas (ENDEZZMA/HAGL): guitar solo on track 5 and 12
Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING): vocals on track 6
Sorath Northgrove (BEASTCRAFT/VULTURE LORD): vocals and lyrics on track 7
Nattefrost (CARPATHIAN FOREST): vocals and lyrics on track 8
Skyggen (TORTORUM): guitar solo track on track 8
Nag (TSJUDER): vocals on track 9
Diabolus (VULTURE LORD): guitar solos on track 9
L.F.F (ANGST SKVADRON/TUSMØRKE): keyboards on track 10
Bay Cortez (SADISTIC INTENT): vocals and bass on track 11
Rick Cortez (SADISTIC INTENT): guitar solo on track 11
R.M (ANGST SKVADRON): vocals on track 12

Pay tribute to Trondr Nefas on Facebook and pre-order!

Available formats
CD Digipak
Gatefold Double-LP


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Tue, Dec 22 2015: SÓLSTAFIR

Latest release: "Ótta"

Release date: Fri, Aug 29 2014, US Tue, Sep 02 2014

SÓLSTAFIR have released a spectacular video for the song "Miðaftann", which has been taken from their latest full-length 'Ótta' (2014) and has exclusively been premiered by NPR in the US and Visions in Europe. The enigmatic Icelandic rockers also announced a special European tour in May for which you can find details and dates below.

The clip was directed by Harri Haataja and Vesa Ranta and shot with renowned actor Gudmundur Ingi Thorvaldsson, at the famous black sand beach which inspired the band's album title 'Svartir Sandar' close to Iceland's southernmost village Vík í Mýrdal.


Frontman Aðalbjörn Tryggvason comments on the video: "The track is about wandering in darkness. Playing chess with Death, getting burned by salt, drowning in the ultimate wave of sin and returning back home by using moonlight as navigation."

Directors Harri Haataja and Vesa Ranta further elaborate: "They told us a real-life story about a sailor, who lost his crew at sea and was stranded to shore as the only survivor-. He proceeded to find his way to town and en route he found a barrel filled with water. Yet the water was frozen, so he had to punch through the ice with his bare hands to fight dehydration. Eventually, after a long journey, he reached the town and survived."

On further news, SÓLSTAFIR are announcing a set of special shows in Europe. The Icelanders will perform their latest album 'Ótta' in full accompanied by piano and strings. The second part of the evening will be filled with fan favourites from the band's long history.

All confirmed dates can be viewed below.


14 May 16 London (UK) Islington Assembly Hall
15 May 16 Paris (FR) Divan du Monde
16 May 16 Haarlem (NL) Patronaat
17 May 16 Hamburg (DE) Gruenspan
18 May 16 Leipzig (DE) Taubchental
19 May 16 Aarau (CH) KiFF
20 May 16 Wörgl (AT) Komma
21 May 16 Wien (AT) Arena
22 May 16 Praha (CZ) Palac Akropolis

SÓLSTAFIR are touring in support of their highly acclaimed fifth full-length 'Ótta', which is still available in various formats from the Season of Mist shop and also streaming in full here!

The amazing cover art by Icleandic star photographer RAX aka Ragnar Axelsson and tracklist for 'Ótta' can be viewed below:



  1. Lágnætti
  2. Ótta
  3. Rismál
  4. Dagmál
  5. Miðdegi
  6. Nón
  7. Miðaftann
  8. Náttmál

Live line-up
Aðalbjörn Tryggvason: guitar, vocals
Svavar Austmann: bass
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson: guitar
Hallgrímur Jón Hallgrímsson: drums


Follow SÓLSTAFIR on Facebook and the band's homepage!

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Tue, Dec 22 2015: DESTRÖYER 666

Upcoming release: "Wildfire"

Release date: Fri, Feb 26 2016, US Fri, Feb 26 2016

DESTRÖYER 666 have unveiled the artwork of their forthcoming full-length 'Wildfire', which has been slated for release on the 26th of February. Read more about the drawing by renowned artist Zbigniew M. Bielak (MAYHEM, GHOST) below.



  1. Traitor
  2. Live And Burn
  3. Artiglio Del Diavolo
  4. Hounds At Ya Back
  5. Hymn To Dionysus
  6. Wildfire
  7. White Line Fever
  8. Die You Fucking Pig!
  9. Tamam Shud

The original ink drawing has been created by Zbigniew M. Bielak. The Polish artist and architect has won applause and recognition in the metal scene through his works for bands such as GHOST, MAYHEM, and WATAIN among many more.

Regarding his drawing for 'Wildfire', Bielak comments: "Contrary to the usual route, part of my family fled communism to Australia. Thus my isolated cousins used to send me tapes with weird OZ bands like ARMOURED ANGEL, MARTIRE or HOBBS instead of American thrash. There has to be something about the shackled bloodline or maybe the Mad Max thing...or just what frontman KK likes to call "...our innate ability to do everything better than the others", but damn me if all of those Australian bands were not just fiercer than everyone else. My love for metal from down under endured and finally, after countless merchandise designs and three reissue collaborations, 'Wildfire' is DESTRÖYER 666's first brand new album that I have worked on. What survived from the usual brainstorming ordeal is a nod to classic metal imagery in a biker-friendly, DANZIG meets BLASPHEMY vein - a refreshing and welcome exercise in simplicity. Having outlasted retro trends, stripped of all gimmickry right to their very rock n' roll bone, DESTRÖYER 666 stand tall, hailing both SLAUGHTER LORD and ANGRY ANDERSON, with what is in my opinion their most unforced and classy album to date."

"Wildfire" comes with the eponymous track and eight other songs such as "Traitor", "Live and Burn", and more titles to be revealed in full later.

DESTRÖYER 666 have already announced a show at the prestigious Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, MD (US) end of May 2016 and the band is working on a tour in South America during early 2016 and Australian dates soon afterwards.


KK - guitars, vocals
Ro - guitars, vocals
Felipe - bass
Perra - drums

Join DESTRÖYER 666 on their Facebook and homepage!

Check out artist Zbigniew M. Bielak on his Facebook or buy his works here!

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Tue, Dec 22 2015: BLACK COBRA

Upcoming release: "Imperium Simulacra"

Release date: Fri, Feb 26 2016, US Fri, Feb 26 2016

BLACK COBRA are firing off new crushing track taken from their forthcoming full-length 'Imperium Simulacra', which has been slated for worldwide release on February 26th. The song "Eye Among The Blind" is exclusively streaming with the official media partners below.

Metal Obsession (AU)
Metal Hammer (DE)
Rockzone (ES)
La Grosse Radio (FR)
Rocking (GR)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Metalitalia (IT)
Never Mind The Hype (NL)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Ultraje (PT)
Terrorizer (UK)
Revolver Magazine (US)

BLACK COBRA comment on the song: "We intent 'Eye Among The Blind' to be seen as a dystopian tale inspired by the ongoing deceit faced everyday through media and propaganda. Loosely inspired by John Carpenter's movie 'They Live', this track tells a story about a society controlled through fear and manipulation."

'Imperium Simulacra' is available for pre-order here and artwork as well as the track list for can be viewed below.



  1. Challenger Deep
  2. Imperium Simulacra
  3. Fathoms Below
  4. Eye Among The Blind
  5. The Messenger
  6. Obsolete
  7. Dark Shine
  8. Sentinel (Infinite Observer)
  9. Technical Demise

BLACK COBRA were formed in 2001 by guitarist and vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-CAVITY), who was joined by Rafael Martinez (ex-ACID KING, -16, GAMMERA). The duo exploded from the underground with their scathing take on hardcore-fuelled sludge metal. After the release of 4 well-received full lengths, BLACK COBRA have levelled venues across the United States and internationally alongside such cult acts as HIGH ON FIRE, WEEDEATER, PELICAN, THE SWORD, YOB, SLEEP, TORCHE, KYUSS LIVES and more.


Jason Landrian: guitar & vocals
Rafael Martinez: drums


Join BLACK COBRA on their official Facebook page, on Twitter, as well as on Instagram.

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Latest release: "New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D."

Release date: Fri, Nov 27 2015, US Fri, Nov 27 2015

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX will be joining the three CONVERGE "Blood Moon" shows in Europe! The acclaimed dark rockers founded by multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves are in turn supported by 40 WATT SUN and in London only also by THE BODY and FULL OF HELL. Please see below for details. Ticket sale has already started and we strongly recommend to book early.

CONVERGE "Blood Moon" is a collaboration between members Jacob Bannon, Kurt Ballou, Nate Newton, and Ben Koller and guest musicians Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm, Stephen Brodsky, and Steve von Till. Together as a multi-instrumental group they will create renditions of existing CONVERGE material focusing on the band’s slower, more ambitious work within their legendary catalog.



11 Apr 16 Berlin (DE) Postbahnhof
12 Apr 16 Reims (FR) La Cartonnerie
13 Apr 16 London (UK) Electric Brixton (+THE BODY +FULL OF HELL)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX already released a new EP in advance of their previous European tour in autumn 2015. The release is titled 'New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D.' The EP is still available in carious formats from the Season of Mist shop!

Justin Greaves commented: "Our 'New Dark Age' tour EP represents a new chapter in the CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX history. I feel like it is time to be truly free of industry and personal bullshit. It also connects what we have gone through as a band with what is going on in the big wide world. It really feels as if we are living in a new 'dark age'. Religious and political oppression, the population being fed constant untruths - all of this reminds me of the priests in the middle-ages telling folk about dog-headed monsters living in the woods, but if you repent and join the church, they will protect you. The song 'Spider Island' is more personal. There I mentally put all the bad people... recently there have been a few people who need to go to Spider Island and live a life of torture along with all the other scumbags, who cling to power in the world."

Artwork and track-list of the 'New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 A.D.' can be viewed below.



  1. Spider Island
  2. New Dark Age
  3. Echoes PT. 1 (Pink Floyd cover)
  4. Echoes PT. 2 (Pink Floyd cover)

Justin Greaves: guitar, backing vocals, bass (studio), drums (studio)
Daniel Änghede: guitar, vocals
Mark Furnevall: synthesizer, keyboard, organ, backing vocals
Daisy Chapman: piano, keyboard, vocals
Ben Wilsker: drums (live)
Niall Hone: bass
Jonas Stålhammar: guitar, backing vocals
Belinda Kordic: vocals


Join CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX on Facebook and visit their homepage!

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