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Wed, Jul 25 2018: THE LION'S DAUGHTER

Latest release: "Future Cult"

Release date: Fri, Jul 20 2018, US Fri, Jul 20 2018

THE LION'S DAUGHTER are now streaming their complete new album, 'Future Cult', which has been slated for worldwide release on July 20th, 2018. Listen to the album at the link below.

The album is now streaming in full via Revolver here

THE LION'S DAUGHTER comment: "This is where the truly ugly things live. This record explores the darker and less comfortable sides of the psyche, where one can become unsure whether or not they're still even human. Once you've dug through the hated and anger, you're only left with a sense of hopeless isolation. Lost, clinging to illusions, and without identity. This is the future cult."

THE LION'S DAUGHTER have previously released the cover art of 'Future Cult', which has been created by Mothmeister and can be viewed together with the album details below.

‘Future Cult’ is available in various formats in the Season of Mist shop.

Join THE LION’S DAUGHTER on their official Facebook page.



  1. Future Cult
  2. Call the Midnight Animal
  3. Die into Us
  4. Suicide Market
  5. The Gown
  6. Grease Infant
  7. Galaxy Ripper
  8. Tragedy
  9. Girl Autopsy
  10. In the Flesh
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