Blöod Düster

Grind Core - Australia

Blöod Düster Band

Certainly, if Freud were alive today, they would undoubtedly be his favourite experiment subjects.

Creating and implementing both musical and social havoc for over a decade now, BLOOD DUSTER are responsible for some of the most infamous album releases of all time. And certainly, we expected nothing less with their latest offering, simply titled “Blood Duster”.

In keeping with their highly unconventional approach to album covers, (theyve had a fine tradition of sourcing much of their artwork from a 1970s medical text on diseased genitals), the entire first pressing of the new album was destroyed after the record company deemed the sexually explicit inner sleeve photos too obscene for public view.

The band comprises of five members, each with an individual depraved quirk, adding to the bands unmatchable eclectic mix. M-lo on guitars, Tony Lee Roth (specializing in vocals and generic obscenities), Matt Rizzo abusing the drums, Belt Thrower bringing up the rear with more guitar, and the ever outspoken Jason P.C. toying with the concept of bass.

Taking their main influence from girls and drugs, the new album is defined by its “thick and fast” choruses. Unlike previous efforts which were somewhat rushed, “Blood Duster” was more thought out, with a greater concentration on the writing and the guitar sound. “I had two different set ups to use, different cabs to try,” says M-lo, “it was a good time”. The album also features guest appearances from Dave Evans, the original vocalist with AC/DC, and Jay Dunne from 28 Days.

With earlier titles such as “Fisting the Dead”, and “Menstrual Soup”, one may well wonder why the band chose such a surprisingly uncontroversial name for the new album. “What do you call an album when the previous was called c**t? You cant call it anything, so thats what we did” explains Jason

But BLOOD DUSTERs strength truly lies in their live show, because thats exactly what it is – a show. Unlike most bands passing themselves off as entertainment, Duster deliver, with anything from underage girls voluntarily de-robing onstage, to fireworks extravaganzas full of old-school goodness. As Jason P.C. so eloquently puts it – “we teeter on the edge of chaos while remaining musically superior to most”.


  • M-lo : guitar
  • Tony Lee Roth : vocals
  • Matt Rizzo : drums
  • Belt Thrower : guitar
  • Jason P.C. : bass

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.