Luna Field

Black Death Metal - Germany

Luna Field Band

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germanys LUNA FIELD presents a new musical concept and intelligence within the genre. A welcome entity among the hordes of mindless metal, that is churned out in the present day. LUNA FIELD in basis is extremity. The musical extremity of death and black metal scene, combined with the lyrical extremity in its concepts and ideologies, the band represents extremity in its purest form. Yet they refuse to fall victim to the confines of those genres, and sets out to blaze new paths, and explore new regions in the genres mentioned and beyond.

LUNA FIELD, in a metaphorical way, is an effort to create a symbiosis between contradictions, and lends atmosphere and spirit to challenging situations. Thus in the process is creating and mastering new art forms, and mapping new dimensions, for LUNA FIELDs vision is far, its aim high and its destiny a great one.


  • Benny Rakidzija : vocals
  • Alex Palma : bass
  • Daniel Sandvoss : drums
  • Heiko Krahl : guitars
  • Marko Sirac : guitars

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.