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Outlaw Order Band

Prepare for the storm: OUTLAW ORDER come crushing down with a mighty roar that would easily have defied hurricane “Katrina”, which devastated their home-city of New Orleans. A seething mass of anger and outrage built up on the aftermath of this natural disaster and now Louisiana strikes back with 666 tons of heaviness being more destructive than just a lousy wind or incapable politicians. “Dragging down the Enforcer” delivers a massive onslaught of guitar-riffing erupting like viscous magma from the cracked ground. There are riots as occasional violent outbreaks of aggression fuel this heat. Singer Michael IX Williams (Eyehategod, Arson Anthem) seems to be gargling pure Bourbon for breakfast as his raw vocal-chords mercilessly shred the last pockets of resistance to rubble. With a deep resonant sound heavy and as swampy as the bayou marshes around New Orleans and brewing up a stewing concoction of Doom Metal and Hardcore Punk, OUTLAW ORDER grow out of the band’s deep roots in Sludge.

Sludge Metal fuses the slow motion, brooding atmosphere and extreme heaviness of Doom with the aggressiveness, distortion and abrupt outbreaks of furious speed of Hardcore. Most of its originators hailed from Louisiana with the scene in and around New Orleans at the epicentre. Names like Crowbar and Acid Bath started to spread this leaden sound of exploding anger, but the credit for the first emerging band goes to Eyehategod. While these pioneers have not released a studio album for eight years now, the core crew of Eyehategod in addition to also being well-placed members of other local New Orleans conspirators Soilent Green and Hawg Jaw, these gentleman have united under one negative war banner to blast the system with a twist to the N’awlins sound of rebellion and pollution: OUTLAW ORDER.

OUTLAW ORDER has so far released only the 7″ “Legalize Crime” in 2003. Although the gang from New Orleans remains true to its roots, they do not simply copy a well established formula, but dare to take a turn into a somewhat different direction. OUTLAW ORDER strengthen the Hardcore elements on “Dragging down the Enforcer” to a new level of violence.

Violence and the feeling of pure rebellious retribution on is not without cause. OUTLAW ORDER cite “the criminal justice system and all corruption within” as their influence – and talking from experience that is certainly not meant as a loving tribute. Political and social criticism has always been a mark of Punk’s attitude towards any oppressive authorities. This is also represented in the anarchistic cover artwork of “Dragging down the Enforcer”, once again showing that those unruly elements from New Orleans stress their Hardcore origins. Now, get ready for “Dragging down the Enforcer”!


  • Michael IX Williams : Vocals
  • Brian Patton : Guitar/Bass
  • Gary Mader : Guitar/Bass
  • Joey LaCaze : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.