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PROFANATICA are at the vanguard of the first wave of American black metal. Founded and led by infamous master of black perversion Paul Ledney (drums/vocals), they have purveyed primeval blasphemy for nigh on thirty-three years.
Ledney formed the band from the ashes of the first INCANTATION lineup when he split and took with him all of the members sans John McEntee. That early trio of ex-INCANTATION members reeled off three ground-breaking demos of some of the most extreme and blasphemic metal of its time in rapid succession. The band flyers that permeated the tape-trading circuit were no less shocking and featured the trio bloody and naked and in the throes of what was most certainly a primeval summoning of some kind. In short order, they had inked a deal with the fledgling Osmose Productions for what became one of that labels first releases (Osmose release #5); a legendary split with Colombia’s MASACRE.

Something so volatile could only last briefly, and after another brief recording session the band collapsed under the weight of its own extremity. but the recordings made in this two year window went on to see dozens of reissues in the coming decades, in a testament to how formidable and formative they are to the black metal scene worldwide.

After almost fifteen years spent with his equally polarizing solo project HAVOHEJ, Ledney reignited the flames of Profanatica in 2006. Reemerging with a new deal from Hells Headbangers, Ledney and his new band released ‘The Enemy of Virtue’, a collection of that vaunted early material, and a new full-length, ‘Profanatitas de Domonatia’. A triumphant return, ‘Profanatitas de Domonatia’ picked up right where these Kings of US Black Metal left off, delivering a savage stream of chainsaw guitars and relentless battery upon which they desecrated everything sacred.

This set-in motion another frenetic burst of work for Profanatica. The next decade saw them unleash four new full-length albums of blasphemous perversions, sacrilegious incantations, and furious black metal. In addition, the band issued six mini-albums and EP’s, a full DVD of early footage, and began touring internationally in Europe and in Central and South America. For the first time Profanatica were appearing near or at the top of the bill at festivals like MDF, Messe Des Mortes, Hells Headbash, Prague Death Mass (Czech Republic), Chaos Descends (Germany), Black Sun (Spain), Tyrant Fest (France), SWR Fest (Portugal) and many more.

In fall 2018, Profanatica joined forces with Season of Mist and undertook their biggest tour to date supporting WATAIN and ROTTING CHRIST across Europe. And a year later, the trio vomited forth a most vulgar strain of black metal ejaculate with their SoM debut album ‘Rotting Incarnation of God’.

The band embarked on an extensive twelve-country European headline tour in the album’s wake. Shortly after returning home that winter, the world ground to a halt in 2020. Save a live-streaming concert production for the legendary Rock al Parque in conjunction with BATUSHKA, little was heard from Profanatica.

That is until spring 2023, when Profanatica emerged from their den of iniquity on a European headline tour to promote a new album. ‘Crux Simplex’ is a ten-track offensive of sin and sacrilege, a nasty affront that bastardizes the first 10 stations of the cross. As per their legacy, Profanatica deals in bestial, first-wave black metal barbarity, and their eighth album unveils ungodly levels of bile and blasphemy.


  • Paul Ledney : drums, vocals
  • Adam Besserer : guitars
  • Richard Olsen : bass
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February 22nd, 2024 Nice Guys Cpae Coral, FL United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 23rd, 2024 East Ocean Pub Stuart, FL United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 24th, 2024 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 25th, 2024 Portal Louisville, KY United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 26th, 2024 Sanctuary Detroit, MI United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 27th, 2024 Preserving Underground Pittsburgh, PA United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 28th, 2024 Brass Monkey Ottawa, ON Canada w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
February 29th, 2024 L'Anti Quebec City, QC Canada w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
March 1st, 2024 Piranha Bar Montreal, QC Canada w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
March 2nd, 2024 Sonia Boston, MA United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
March 3rd, 2024 Market Hotel Brooklyn, NY United States w/ Nun Slaughter + Tombs Buy Ticket
May 17th, 2024 Milwaukee Metalfest Milwaukee, WI United States   Buy Ticket
May 17th, 2024 Milwaukee Metal Festival Milwaukee, WI United States   Buy Ticket
Posted on December 18, 2023

Profanatica have spit on all things holy since the early ’90s, back when they were playing the backroom of Chinese restaurants alongside Gorophobia, Immolation and Incantation.

Posted on July 25, 2023

No one loves to watch God suffer quite like Profanatica. Since the late ’80s, Paul Ledney and his corpse-painted band of miscreants have amassed a long and infamous career as one of America’s truly definitive black metal bands. They’ve hurled profanties and even their own feces at our Lord and Savior, not to mention other, more nefarious bodily fluids.

Posted on July 12, 2023

PROFANATICA just ushered in their sixth album with an unholy leviathan of a new single. Tomorrow, they’re taking up the cross on their first-ever full-length tour of the U.S. They’ll be snaking across the country with Canadian black metal band Panzerfaust, with a headlining set at Heavy Hell IV.

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