Black Metal - Norway

Wurdulak Band

Frediablo and Killjoy formed Wurdulak in the year 2000, releasing their debut recording “Ceremony in Flames” through Baphomet / Housecore Records, which received great reviews worldwide from magazines and webzines alike. Containing a harrowing lineup featuring some of the most prominent names in the extreme metal underground, including Killjoy (Necrophagia, Ravenous) and Maniac (Mayhem) on “vo-kills”, the searing attack of Frediablo (Gorelord), Ihizahg, Fug, and Iscariah (Immortal, Pain), all backed by the ungodly beatings of Jehmod (Bloodthorn) on percussion.

Wurdulaks music is completely mind melting; insane, and thoroughly blasphemous black metal. Recently signed with Coffin Records, Season of Mist will handle all manufacturing and marketing for their sophomore assault, “Severed Eyes of Possession”. This second offering clearly shows that this is a serious band and not a side project of any member, “Severed Eyes of Possession” will annihilate the listener in a torturous manner! The name itself, “Wurdulak”, conjures a certain uneasiness taken from the Mario Bava film Black Sabbath, and means a blood-drinking corpse.

The artwork for “Severed Eyes of Possession”, was once again created by Patrick Tremblay. This art is much like a sequel to “Ceremony In Flames”, much in the way a horror film has its sequel and stays true to the extreme graphic nature of the 1st record.

There is a definite musical progression from the band on “Severed Eyes of Possession”. Guitarist Fug recently comments on the new material, “We feel this records helps Wurdulak develop our own style and also solidifies this line-up as a serious band, we definitely all feel that we will be a very strong live act and were anxious to plays some festivals and live shows!” One other notable change is that Killjoy and Maniac are providing “vo-kills” on completely different tracks this time unlike their debut, which featured both singers vokill-izing on mostly all the material. “Killjoy states, “For the next record well do half the material together and the other half separate, but with the way we recorded the vo-kills this time, it gives the record a total new feel. “Severed eyes…” will leave you possessed!!!


  • Wurdulak : vo-kills
  • Killjoy : vo-kills
  • Frediablo : Guitar
  • Iscariah : Bass
  • Fug : Guitar
  • Ihizahg : Guitar
  • Jehmod : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.