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Demo submission

You are welcome to submit the demo of your band, or a band you represent. Please follow the instructions below.

The policy: only demos that are sent via e-mail are considered, send them to this address: demo [at] Do not send any material via social media platforms or private messaging.

Attach one or two MP3s, along with a band picture, and a short band description.

Make sure that :

  • The files are not bigger than 10MB or the email will be rejected by the server.
  • You send only ONE email of this size.
  • You include a SHORT biography and a picture. Keep it short, strong and simple.


  • DO NOT SEND LINKS such as Google Drive, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Youtube. You may include these in your mail, but only as an extra with your MP3 files.
  • DO NOT ZIP, RAR or ARCHIVES the files, as these will not be downloaded for the simple reason that is called internet security.
  • DO NOT SEND THEM BY POST – They probably will NEVER be opened.
  • DO NOT send emails such as ‘reminders’, ‘Did you listen to my demo already because I sent it 48 hours ago’.

Lastly, keep in mind that we get a lot of submissions daily. We listen to all of them, but it is impossible to reply to everyone. We will get back to you with our feedback if there is any interest.

WE WILL REPLY. Even if it is a standard email (or a contract offer, you never know!), you will definitely hear from us. It can take months, though. Do not feel offended if you do not receive a response or any feedback as to why to why your demo was not considered. The sheer number of demos received makes this impossible.

We want to thank you for the interest in Season of Mist and the support, we truly appreciate it. Good luck!