Posted on February 8, 2011

More information about Salam

April 18th will see the release of ARKAN’s sophomore album “Salam”. This new gem of oriental metal will feature the vocal contribution of ORPHANED LAND’s mainman Kobi Farhi. Here is an exclusive interview with the Israeli musician:

How did you discover ARKAN?
I heard about them from our fan club manager, Nathalie Van Aalst.

How did the 2010 “Tour Against Racism” came to life?
Nathalie told me they would fit perfectly on a bill with us, so I had a listen and immediately noticed we are from the same musical tree. ARKAN were great on the tour and I think they gained many new fans, including me and my band mates.

How did you end up participating to the “Salam” album and how do you feel about it?
[ARKAN drummer] Foued Moukid contacted me and suggested the idea. I was immediately happy about it so he sent me a detailed letter with the songs and references, and we took it from there. It felt just great and I am honoured. Furthermore I truly loved the lyrics, as it speaks about the Holy Land, the one we like to describe as “Orphaned Land”. I am attached to the lyrics in all languages and especially to the highest form of language ever invented – MUSIC. As an artist, I know that ARKAN’s album is their child, and I know it meant a lot to them to let me be a part of it. We share the same feelings.

What about the final result?
I LOVE IT!! Check it out and make your opinion! 🙂

Will you consider sharing the stage with the band again?

What is up with ORPHANED LAND?
We recently filmed a huge DVD in Tel-Aviv with great guests (like Steven Wilson of PORCUPINE TREE). We are editing and mixing it these days and hope to release it in 2011. We are also working on our next album and plan to hit the roads again soon!

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