Posted on August 12, 2010

Portuguese doomsters AVA INFERI are nearly done with the recording sessions of their forthcoming fourth album! Mainman Rune Eriksen sent the following update:

“These past times have been somewhat silent on these shores. No, or few updates have been uttered and well, doing things “undercover” has seemed like the fitting way to move forward this time. And mind you, things have been going well. We are happy to finally announce that the fundaments (meaning drums, bass and guitars) for eight brand new AVA INFERI trademark songs have been emanated and recorded in TopRoom Studio, Norway these past weeks. The vocals and additional adds will be taken care of here in Portugal in near future.

“The album, scheduled for an early 2011 release (on the one and only Season of Mist), has actually been ready for a while, at least in terms of compositions. But instead of doing the usual “rush” we have now used time to our advantage, ensuring nothing slips our attention. I actually remember I made the first riff for “By Candlelight & Mirrors”, one of the new songs, already back in March last year, giving the song more than a year to mature into what we feel is optimal.

“It might be a cliché to proclaim this these days, but we truly feel that this material is by far the most interesting and mature we have produced so far. And easily the rawest as well. It’s somewhat typical AVA INFERI, as I really believe we have our own brand of Gothic Doom by now, but it definitely has a few changes to it. The songs are more straightforward, some of them a tad shorter than expected from these shores (set aside “The Heathen Island”, which clocks in at approx 10 minutes), some downright spooky and dirty, others immeasurably dark even strangely beautiful, but most importantly, they all ooze of an all-consuming power. We really believe that with this album we have created the ultimate AVA INFERI record so far!

“I would also like to use the opportunity to welcome an addition to the coven, namely guitar player André Sobral. André has been on stage with us a couple of times already, and has proved himself worthy of membership. We now feel that the band is reinvigorated and most ready for bigger challenges, having found the important “equilibrium” on all levels. Album title, artworks, release dates et al will be revealed at a later stage, as well as other news concerning collaborators, etc.”

AVA INFERI’s fourth album, which title is yet to be revealed, has been scheduled for an early 2011 release.

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