Posted on January 11, 2011

The fourth album of atmospheric doomsters AVA INFERI is entitled “Onyx” and has been scheduled for a February 14th, 2011 (one day later in the US) release. You can now download “The Living End”, a full song from the Portuguese / Norwegians’ new opus.

“Before Dan (Swanö) started the mix/mastering process I had 3 albums or eras of reference in my mind that I wanted the album to sound similar to”, guitarist Rune Eriksen comments. “I wanted to steer a bit away from the obvious sounds that this day and age is craving for (in certain circles) and go for something a bit more vintage, something with a bit more “80s bite”. I mentioned Fields of the Nephilim (“Elyzium”), Black Sabbath (“Born Again”) and early Dio as reasonable reference points. That was basically it. And we wanted it huge! No need to say these keywords were more than enough to trigger Mr. Swanö, as even the first test samples I received bore witness of something out of the ordinary. Sails set for Dominion!

“I feel that the main ideas, compositions and the “ethereal aspects” on ONYX are highly matured, almost as if it is something elevated and sacral (despite its hypnotizing dimness!).

“Something I only can imagine the thundering Bell at the bottom of Dâmboviţa would be able to spew out on a restless fullmoon night…and isn’t that the whole point with these magical arts really? To reach out and grasp for something otherworldy and mould it into sounds, to present something of an eternal spark? Well, it definitely is for me. Any band failing on a spiritual level would go unnoticed by these ears. Absit invidia.

“I guess it’s time to let loose the first sounds into the ether by now….so hereby “The Living End”. A 80s (Goth) influenced song full of passionate mystery & misery, whom we see as the perfect portal into this diverse album with its immediate approach. In closing I’d like to use Dan Swanös statement regarding this album, as I feel honored to receive these compliments from a legend such as himself.”

“‘Onyx’ is one of the best albums I have mixed so far. The unique blend of gothic rock and fierce Heavy Metal just resonates with me on the highest level. A bit like Kate Bush singing on “Headless Cross”. Passion and darkness in perfect harmony. I am truly stunned!” Dan Swanö

  1. Onyx
  2. The Living End
  3. A Portal
  4. ((Ghostlights))
  5. Majesty
  6. The Heathen Island
  7. By Candlelight & Mirrors
  8. Venice in Fog

On other news, AVA INFERI recently introduced new bass player Joana Messias, making the following statement:

“It is with great confidence and satisfaction we announce our new 4 string Doomster, namely Joana Messias. We are super-excited to commence the live sessions with her on board, knowing there will be a deeper and heavier contribution to our wall of sound!”

“Onyx” will come in a round-corner digipak, like the previous AVA INFERI albums. You can pre-order it now on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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