CYNIC Unveils Guitar Play-Through For “Aurora,” Announces Signature .strandberg* Guitar

Posted on September 9, 2022

More information about Ascension Codes

Cynic guitarist Paul Masvidal is now unveiling a brand new play-through for the song “Aurora,” which is taken from the band’s critically acclaimed 2021 full-length, ‘Ascension Codes.’ The clip can be found here:

The play-through is being released in conjunction with the launch of Masvidal’s new signature .strandberg* guitar, the Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo!

One of the most unique iterations of the heralded Boden lineup, the original Boden Masvidalien Cosmo Edition quickly became a favorite amongst not only Cynic and Paul Masvidal fans, but guitar players who sought something different which stood out from the crowd – both aesthetically and sonically. The Masvidalien NX 6 Cosmo retains all of the great features of the Masvidalien Cosmo while adding the new NX features to provide the latest in .strandberg* innovations.

More information on the model can be found here:

In addition, CYNIC will be digitally releasing a fully instrumental version of ‘Ascension Codes’ via Bandcamp! Cynic is offering an instrumental mix of the track ‘Aurora’ as a free download when pre-ordering the album via the Cynic-alliance Bandcamp page. The album will be streaming on all digital outlets October 7, 2022! Pre-order it now here:

Moreover, guitar players can find full guitar tablature transcriptions for “Aurora” as well as several of CYNIC’s albums here:

  1. Mu-54*
  2. The Winged Ones
  3. A'-va432
  4. Elements and their Inhabitants
  5. Ha-144
  6. Mythical Serpents
  7. Sha48*
  8. 6th Dimensional Archetype
  9. DNA Activation Template
  10. Shar-216
  11. Architects of Consciousness
  12. DA'z-a86.4
  13. Aurora
  14. DU-*61.714285
  15. In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sing
  16. A'jha108
  17. Diamond Light Body
  18. Ec-ka72

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