DISPERSE – Living Mirrors – March 12, 2013

Posted on March 12, 2013

More information about Living Mirrors

Progressive metal outfit DISPERSE are offering a free download of the track “Profane the Ground”, off of their Season of Mist debut, ‘Living Mirrors’. “Profane the Ground” is available for free download at the DISPERSE Bandcamp page.

Additionally, the band have announced a lyric video contest for “Profane the Ground”. The band is looking for fan created and submitted lyric videos to be posted to their official Facebook page up until April 15th. Winners will be chosen by the band, and two runner ups will receive DISPERSE prize packs. The grand prize winner will receive both the DISPERSE prize pack, as well as a massive Season of Mist prize pack.

For an example of a lyric video, here is a recent one from WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH.

DISPERSE previously unveiled a music video for the track “Enigma of Abode”. is available for viewing on YouTube.

DISPERSE’ Season of Mist debut ‘Living Mirrors’ sees the band creating instantly memorable songs that balance amazing technical skills with elegance and passion. The dynamic quartet make it all look easy as they inject their own style into a modern take on intelligent, progressive metal and rock. The album is streaming in full at the DISPERSE Bandcamp page.

‘Living Mirrors’ is available for purchase at the Season of Mist e-shop.

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