Posted on August 11, 2010

More information about Handful of Stars

“Handful of Stars”, DRUDKH’s forthcoming eighth album, will hit the shelves on September 20th. As for previous opus “Microcosmos”, a deluxe box-set version will be available with a bonus 3″ CD and extra goodies! Here are the contents of this lush leather book, strictly limited to 600 copies:

  • “Handful of Stars” in digipak format
  • “Slavonic Chronicles” 3″ bonus CD, including two exclusive cover songs: “Indiánská Píseò Hrùzy” (MASTER’S HAMMER) and “Tam Gdzie Gaśnie Dzień” (SACRILEGIUM)
  • exclusive T-shirt
  • quill pen
  • writing ink

Pictures available soon!

  1. Cold Landscapes
  2. Downfall of the Epoch
  3. Towards the Light
  4. Twilight Aureole
  5. The Day Will Come
  6. Listening to the Silence
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