Drudkh vinyl in the colours of the Ukrainian flag now available for pre-orders

Posted on March 4, 2022

More information about A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for the massive support towards our Ukrainian artists this week! We extend the campaign, where Season of Mist donates 100% of the profit on selected items to our Ukrainian artists, a little longer. In fact, we add one more item to the list, in collaboration with Osmose Productions!

Pre-sales now start for the Drudkh (Official) Triple 12″ vinyl in the colours of the Ukrainian flag cut. ‘A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian’ comes in a trigatefold sleeve with 12-page booklet (30x30cm) including the split releases ‘One Who Talks With the Fog’, ‘Betrayed By the Sun’, and ‘Somewhere Sadness Wanders’. Limited to 1,100 copies worldwide and available for the first time on vinyl!

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, our Ukrainian artists are facing dire financial circumstances as there is currently no way for them to work or make a proper living anytime soon. In order to help them and their families survive, Season of Mist will donate 100% of the profits of this special vinyl edition to DRUDKH and will not be taking any fees. This also applies to purchases via bandcamp.

Drudkh deliver black metal poetry at its finest. Previously only available on split EPs with Hades Almighty, Grift and Paysage d’Hiver, the collection of songs gathered on ‘A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian’ is a must hear for any fan of the band’s work. Based on Ukrainian poetry, the tracks on this compilation perfectly combine harshness, epic melodies and a touch of folklore, transforming them into black metal masterpieces.

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