EIVØR Releases Swooning New Single

Posted on April 30, 2024

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Fans around the world recognize Eivør for her thunderous Nordic drumming and operatic throat singing. But her upcoming twelfth album marks a bold new venture in her two decades-long musical journey.

Today, Eivør is releasing the latest single off ENN. “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” is a celestial swoon of dream-pop that’s bound to get stuck in everyone’s head, whether you’re out tearing up the dance floor or tossing and turning in bed.

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ENN comes out June 14 on Season of Mist. 

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Eivør comes from a village of 400 people, tucked away amidst the heavy winters and bright summers of the Faroe Islands. But over the past two decades, she’s covered a lot of stylistic ground. As a young teen, she played in rock and jazz bands. By the time she turned 17, she had already released her first album of folk songs and nabbed two Icelandic Music Awards.

As revealed by JARÐARTRÁ/DUST TO DUST”, its gently pulsing first single, ENN delves deeper into Eivør’s affinity for dark electronic production. Even she was surprised to discover that her forays into electronic beatmaking were the stems for her new album. But “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” comes as the album’s biggest, most pleasant surprise.

“I usually spend A LOT of time writing my songs”, Eivør says. “Months, sometimes even years.” But “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” is one of those songs that just came rushing out, as if it had been locked away somewhere inside of her, just waiting for the right key. Her new Prophet-5 synthesizer had hardly made it out of the box before she hammered out the songs lighter-than-air melody, which dances like the colors of the milky way. “When it finally arrived, I unwrapped it with all the restraint of a child at Christmas”, she says of her new studio toy.

“HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” is the poppiest and most upbeat track on ENN. The gated drum loops and thumping four-on-the-floor beat would get the blood pumping inside any sweaty club basement. But even the pillowy synths can’t hide that underneath its sweet and simple melody, lies an undeniable tension. After all, it is a love song. When Eivør reaches into a trembling lower register, you can feel her yearning. Her passion lights up the video like a thousand suns, soaring above the clouds on the wings of her piercing falsetto.

“Regardless of what else is happening around you, even if the world is ending, a love song, dreaming of what once was and remembering love, this is the only thing on your mind”.

The video for “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” was directed by Einar Egils (www.einaregils.com)

  1. Ein Klóta (5:44)
  2. Jardartra (4:47)
  3. Hugsi Bert Um Teg (3:25)
  4. Purpurhjarta (4:27)
  5. ENN (7:11)
  6. Lívsandin (4:35)
  7. Upp Úr Øskuni (5:01)
  8. Gaia (5:10)
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