FOSCOR – Els Sepulcres Blancs – July 30, 2019

Posted on July 30, 2019

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Catalan atmospheric metal band FOSCOR are now releasing the second brand new track of their upcoming album ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’, which will be released worldwide on September 06, 2019. The track ‘Malson’ is now streaming, at the link below!

Find the video on the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

FOSCOR comment on the track and video: “The gaps between reality and the dream world, poetry and reality, set a dialogue with our own and deepest emotions dealing with the real and ideal conscious level.“Els Sepulcres Blancs” delivers the most intimate exercise to date, as the act of dreaming and imagining the change does. Our music pretends to serve us as a tool in the thrilling act of poetizing the world.The new song ‘Malson’ translates as ‘Nightmare’ in Catalan, and digs into the darkest side of life and our own weaknesses, trying to approach the listener to the lyrical content. Metaphorically, life sometimes seems to offer no escape to suffering moments, as if a tall black presence accompanying us may lead everything to recurrent dead ends when facing our boundaries.Once again filmed and edited by our guitarist Falke, the video claims to reach reconciliation between our own world of emotions and the physical one we daily must deal with. There’s a tragic sense on life’s darkness which allows a new beauty to appear, and so it is what inspires our music and speech.Musically speaking, the song is the most delicate one of the collection, offering by far the most distant to metal language from the whole album. Choosing to work without distortion on guitars was a key point during the composition process and opened a new and definitive universe to us trying to reach the timeless music all across styles and ages we drink from.”

FOSCOR have previously revealed the artwork and track-list of ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’, which can both be viewed below.

  1. Laments
  2. Els Colors del Silenci
  3. Malson
  4. Secrets
  5. Cel Rogent
  6. Cançó de Mort
  7. L'Esglai

‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’ is available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist shop.

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