GARMARNA premiere new song “Två Systrar”

Posted on September 29, 2020

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Swedish folk rock pioneers GARMARNA are now premiering the second new song from their upcoming record ‘Förbundet’. The track “Två Systrar”, with guest vocals from Maria Franz (HEILUNG, EUZEN) is streaming at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

GARMARNA comment:

“‘Två Systrar’
This one goes deep.

We’ve been playing around with this classic tale of betrayal and revenge before but it was always put on hold. Not this time. The poetry is breathtaking, it doesn’t get much starker than this.

Musically, for us this is one of the most satisfying songs we’ve done. With Garmarna, there is always a riddle. An escape room. We’re trapped until we solve the puzzle. Here, it started with an original idea of ours blended with a traditional melody and in an hour we transformed a whole bunch of ideas into a melody that just flows.

Stefan was playing around with the amazing Elektron Octatrack, preparing a soundpack of nordic sounds (keep your eyes open for that). So a Mouth harp, treated in a million ways, created a set of harmonies we could play on the keyboard. The strange harmonies seemed to be the key so we followed.

There has been some moments where creating music is expanding ones soul and mind in ways words cannot describe and personally, the creation of Två Systrar is one of the most powerful examples of this.

We’re so proud to present “Två Systrar”.

‘Förbundet’ is slated for worldwide release via Season of Mist on November 6. Pre-sales are available in the Season of Mist shop HERE.

  1. Ramunder
  2. Två Systrar
  3. Dagen Flyr
  4. Sven i Rosengård
  5. Ur världen att gå
  6. Vägskäl
  7. Lussi Lilla
  8. Avskedet
  9. Din Grav
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