GOG – Ironworks – June 11, 2013

Posted on June 11, 2013

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The long awaited CD and digital versions of GOG’s latest album ‘Ironworks’ will be released on August 30th (September 3rd in North America). For the occasion, this genuine ode to the death of the American dream, recorded in a late 19th century blacksmith shop, will be adorned with a brand new cover artwork.

  1. 1870-1906
  2. Tasks Which Destroy Body And Soul
  3. God Says To Love You In Chains
  4. A Promised Eternity Fulfilled With Cancer
  5. Into Her, She Carved The Word Empty
  6. I Draw My Strength Through You

Masterminded by noise innovator Michael Bjella, GOG has toiled in the underground community for a decade, releasing records that have been widely respected and regarded as essential.

‘Ironworks’ is available for pre-order as digipak CD on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

“At its darkest, GOG is an imposing glorification of nothing. At its brightest, GOG is our saviour. A swirling vortex of white and black, virtue and nihil, that finds equilibrium in entrancing drone.” – Lurkers Path

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