Horrendous Bless the Masses with “Preterition Hymn”

Posted on July 17, 2023

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HORRENDOUS are so close to heavy metal divinity that they can practically taste its delicious, rotten nectar. After all, they did just grace the cover of Decibel.

Philly’s finest and filthiest death metal band is wrapping up a rip-roaring tour of the American Southwest in support of their upcoming new album. If 2018’s Idol represented the band pushing themselves to the limit, then Ontological Mysterium portrays them at the peak of their powers. Heck, the title track even landed on Pitchfork playlist.

“Preterition Hymn” is of a different Satanic verse than the two previous singles. It’s still plenty sinister, with hellacious vocals that sound like the band is being burned alive. But it’s more of a slow burn. The twin guitars wring out a tortured but deeply melodic riff that drips like sweet, sweet tears.

Here’s what the band has to say about their new single: “Preterition Hymn is a lament for the weary and the damned–those who, like in the myth of Tantalus, can glimpse the golden fruits of knowledge and divinity yet are kept perpetually just out of reach by the tides of misfortune and fate. It is a hymn of longing infused with the faintest hope that our misery is merely the cleansing ablution necessary to don the robe of flames, free at last.”

‘Ontological Mysterium’ is out August 18.

  1. The Blaze
  2. Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology of Dawn)
  3. Neon Leviathan
  4. Aurora Neoterica
  5. Preterition Hymn
  6. Cult of Shaad'oah
  7. Exeg(en)esis
  8. Ontological Mysterium
  9. The Death Knell Ringeth
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