Insanity Alert Streaming New EP

Posted on May 15, 2024

More information about Moshemian Thrashody

Ski parties visit Austria for its powdered slopes, but when Insanity Alert banded together around Innsbruck in 2011, they had a different type of shredding in mind. The band’s destructive appetite for crossover thrash is only rivaled by their unquenchable thirst for ice-cold beer and a jonesing for good bud(s).

Insanity Alert keep their high-minded antics coming on their new EP. Moshemian Thrashody comes out this Friday, May 17, on Season of Mist. But you can crack into this fresh four-pack today by listening to the full album stream on our YouTube channel.

Listen to Moshemian Thrashody:



Moshemian Thrashody shows that Insanity Alert are still nothing but a good time. These wild men waste no time stage diving into the mosh pit with a frothy spin on “Welcome to the Jungle”. Their new EP gets into plenty more of their old tricks, too. Iron Maiden would be scared silly by how fast Dave of Death shreds through “Beer in the Park”.“We think of our renditions as tributes to the greatness of the original songs”, says Insanity Alert. “Mixing their greatness with our blend of speed, fun, brutality and weirdness just feels right”.  Just like the morning after an all-night rager, Insanity Alert are full of surprises. When “Beerless Fiesta” opens with a faint but familiar waft of saxophone, it throws you for a loop, kind of like an edible that your friends swore was just a regular old brownie. Wait, are they about to take on…George Michael?

“I’m never gonna drink again”, Heavy Kevy screams in agony, as if wrapped around the toilet.

Even one hell of a hangover isn’t enough to stop Insanity Alert from partying like it’s the ’80s. On Moshemian Thrashody, the band still goes anywhere the weed blows. Of course, iff you’re going to come for Queen, then you best not miss. But these guys hit all the right notes. Don Melanzani chugs D-beats. Slapmaster Puke burps out delicious bass grooves. As if by some especially potent magic mushroom, Galileo is transformed into Ronnie James Dio.    

“So you think I’m a stoner that never complies?”, Heavy Kevy spits as if shooting a snot rocket. Now, that’s not far from the truth. But everybody knows that thrashers do it better.

“Our new EP is full of killer tunes that we threw in our drunken 420 blender” Insanity Alert says. Moshemian Thrashody rides the thin line between familiar and super awkward – like getting shitfaced with your favorite high school teacher or masturbating for the first time with your other hand. Enjoy!”  

There’s only one way to welcome a new album from Insanity Alert: a summerlong tour! Crack open some beers, roll up a spliff and prepare to meet the wall of death when the band debut Moshemian Thrashody at some of Europe’s biggest and heaviest festivals.

Insanity Alert Moshemian Thrashody Summer Tour 2024

May 24 @ Chemnitz, DE @ Chemnitz Metal Culture [TICKETS]
May 25 – Schönenberg, DE @ Iron Fest Open Air [TICKETS]
May 31 – Innsbruck, AT @ Treibhaus *Hometown Release Party* [TICKETS]
June 21 – Copenhagen, DK @ Copenhell [TICKETS]
July 5 – Besancon, FR @ Les Passagers Du Zinc [TICKETS]
July 6 – Notre-Dame-d’Oé , FR @ Riip Fest 8 [TICKETS]
July 20 – Bertingen, DE @ Rock Unter Den Eichen [TICKETS]
August 17 – Dinkelsbühl, DE @ Summer Breeze Open Air [TICKETS]
August 19 – Brescia, Italy @ Festa di Radio Ondo D’urto [TICKETS]
August 31 – Bruck an der Mur, AT @ Daaark Fest
September 6 – Hüttikon, CH @ Meh Suff! Metal Festival [TICKETS]
October 18 – Sélestat, FR @ Rock Your Brain Fest 2024 [TICKETS]
October 19 – Paris, FR @ Glazart [TICKETS]

Praise for Insanity Alert

“Maddening and powerful thrash from guys who understand the sound and culture” – Metal Injection

“Experts in crafting immense and blistering fun” – Distorted Sound

“Heavy, fast, old-school and right in your face” – Grimm Gent

“They make quite a noise…combining retro thrash with their own boozy brand of skateboarding-crossover thrash which hits at such a speed that by the time you’ve slapped the disc on you’re already getting back off your arse to play it again” – Metal Forces

  1. Welcome to the Moshpit (2:17)
  2. Beer In The Park (4:24)
  3. Beerless Fiesta (2:10)
  4. Moshemian Thrashody (3:43)
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