Posted on April 22, 2010

More information about Hypomanic

Belgian razorgrind act LENG TCH’E’s fifth album will be available on May 24th. You can now download a full song from “Hypomanic”, entitled “Wirehead Imbeciles”.

Bassist Nicolas Malfeyt comments: “This is the first song off of our new album ‘Hypomanic’ and in true Leng Tch’e fashion it has a bit of everything: grinding blastbeats, uptempo d-beats, heavy grooves and in the end something that can only be described as “funky”. We hope you enjoy this little taste of razorgrind which will blow your minds on May 24th!.”

  1. Wirehead Imbeciles
  2. A.men
  3. The Stockholm Malevolence Project
  4. World State Abomination
  5. Refined Torture
  6. Misleading Innuendos
  7. Obiter Dicta
  8. Death's Head Cockroach
  9. Totalitarian
  10. Anthropocentric Suicide
  11. Silence Is Better Than Unmeaning Words
  12. Violence Does Even Justice
  13. Corrosive Rotgut
  14. Perfervid Odyssey

“Hypomanic” is available for pre-order on Season of Mist’s e-shop.

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