Nightfall release bass playthrough video and introduce new bassist ‘Vasiliki Biza’

Posted on June 2, 2021

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Greek metal masters NIGHTFALL are now releasing the official bass playthrough video for the track ‘Darkness Forever’ from their latest album ‘At Night We Prey.’ In addition, the band introduces their new bassist ‘Vasiliki Biza’ who can be seen performing the track in the video. Check out the playthrough and new bass player via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

NIGHTFALL comment: ”We are very happy we are gonna work with Vailiki Biza. Apart from her skills with the 4-string, she is a very active person with interesting ideas she gladly shares with the rest of the band. We can’t wait to hit the road.”

Vasiliki Biza comments: ”I’m excited about working with the mighty Nightfall. One of the most important Greek metal bands with a great discography and point of view. As a female musician with years of participation in the independent music scene, I feel confident about our collaboration. Our passion for music is on the same frequency and I believe that this will have a positive impact on all of you who will meet us in the upcoming steps. I ‘m looking forward to start playing live soon.”

‘At Night We Prey’ is available for listening on all digital streaming platforms HERE and can be ordered in various formats HERE.

  1. She Loved the Twilight
  2. Killing Moon
  3. Darkness Forever
  4. Witches
  5. Giants of Anger
  6. Temenos
  7. Meteor Gods
  8. Martyrs of the Cult of the Dead (Agita)
  9. At Night We Prey
  10. Wolves in Thy Head
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