Oceans of Slumber Sign to Season of Mist

Posted on August 14, 2023

Season of Mist is proud to welcome Oceans of Slumber to our label!

Oceans of Slumber are a genre-defying powerhouse from Houston, TX. They’re renowned for their ability to captivate audiences worldwide with a unique fusion of progressive metal. Their compositions are immersive and multifaceted, characterized by intricate monoliths of heaviness and hope. At the forefront of this formidable band is the ethereal and soulful vocals of Cammie Beverly. The frontwoman’s haunting delivery has become a hallmark of the band’s enthralling sound.

As Oceans of Slumber embark on this new phase of their musical journey, their collaboration with Season of Mist marks a pivotal turning point. Armed with unwavering dedication to authenticity and a penchant for powerful live performances, the band are poised to make an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of metal and heavy music.

“Joining Season of Mist is a significant milestone for Oceans of Slumber”, says drummer Dobber Beverly, who’s the artistic luminary and creative force behind Oceans of Slumber. Beverly is also the drummer for black metal band Necrofier (who are also signed to Season of Mist) and was behind the kit for grindcore legends Insect Warfare. “This signing is our gateway to fully embracing the raw, heavier direction we’ve been forging lately. With the collective strength of Season of Mist behind us, we are determined to take our music to the next level.”

Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates and updates on Oceans of Slumber’s forthcoming fifth album.