Posted on May 27, 2010

After the success of last year’s “Fuck God – Disease Process” album, Season of Mist is proud to continue their collaboration with French Black Metal act OTARGOS. The band’s fourth plague is entitled “No God, No Satan” and will hit the stores on next August 30th on the Underground Activists division.

OTARGOS made the following statement: “‘Fuck God – Disease Process’ was only the beginning of a new era… Engineered by S. Tuvi (The Order of Apollyon, Aosoth, ex-Aborted) at BST Studio, “No God, No Satan” is a lethal fist upon creationism. More extreme and original than ever, OTARGOS explores once again the antipodes of Black Metal music, when pounding depressive coldness meets frenetic brutality. We will work with Season of Mist once again, and we could not wish for a better alliance to invade the whole world.”

OTARGOS recently shot a video clip for the “Cloning the Divine” song, off upcoming album “No God, No Satan”. You can watch the stunning short film here.

You might also want to check out the band’s newly designed MySpace page!

“Think and concede… No time for fairy tales, God is a fucking HOAX!

DEATH is just and only the END



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