RAGE NUCLEAIRE – Black Storm of Violence – May 6, 2014

Posted on May 6, 2014

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Canadian black metallers RAGE NUCLEAIRE have finished recording their brand new full length album. A follow-up to their ferocious debut ‘Unrelenting Fucking Hatred’, the band has announced the album will be titled ‘Black Storm of Violence’, and will be released on the Season of Mist Underground Activists division on July 18th (July 22nd in North America).

Regarding the new album, RAGE NUCLEAIRE states: “…And the angel of light said:”Let there be more killing, more hatred, more war and more violence”, and there was begotten a second RAGE NUCLEAIRE album. And there came a time when no good remained in the world, when chaotic evil met lawful evil, and it was called ‘Black Storm of Violence’. Now you die… “

RAGE NUCLEAIRE was formed by legendary vocalist Lord Worm (ex-CRYPTOPSY) and includes guitarist Dark Rage, bassist/keyboardist Alvater (ex–FROZEN SHADOWS), and drummer Fredrik Widigs (THE UGLY) in its ranks.

RAGE NUCLEAIRE’s debut ‘Unrelenting Fucking Hatred’ is still available on Season of Mist’s e-shop (to order from North America, please click here), as well as at the band’s official Bandcamp page.

“Of all the blazes in the northern sky that have been wrathfully conceived in the last five years, ‘Unrelenting Fucking Hatred’ is amongst the most incendiary of them all, this Montréal collective…writing and executing a record that is, undeniably, by underground black metal connoisseurs, for underground black metal connoisseurs.” 9/10- Bravewords

“Unrivaled in its mercilessness and the portrayal of uncontrollable outbursts of hatred. 7/7” – Metal Hammer

“Rage Nucléaire’s debut Unrelenting Fucking Hatred is about as close to channeling its own title as you’re ever going to get. It has all the makings of a great extreme metal album.” -No Clean Singing

“…this music is truly an epitome of hate incarnated.” Metal-Sound.net

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