REVENGE – Behold.Total.Rejection – October 23, 2015

Posted on October 23, 2015

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REVENGE are now streaming a new brutal track taken from their their highly anticipated fifth full-length ‘Behold.Total.Rejection’, which has been slated for worldwide release on November 13th. The song “Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)” can be accessed here.

REVENGE have previously unveiled artwork and track-list of ‘Behold.Total.Rejection’. The CD version can be viewed below. The vinyl versions come with alternative covers.

  1. Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized)
  2. Shock Attrition (Control In Decline)
  3. Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side)
  4. Mass Death Mass
  5. Mobilization Rites
  6. Silent Enemy
  7. Desolation Insignia
  8. Hate Nomad
  9. ETHR (Failure Erased)
  10. Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection)

Founded in 2000 by J. Read (BLOOD REVOLT, ex-CONQUEROR), REVENGE has since delivered some of the most severe and violent music the metal underground has ever produced. Using militant imagery, and behind the force of savage live shows, the band has built a die-hard following amongst the extreme factions of the black and death metal scenes. Simply put: they are one of the most extreme bands in existence. ‘Behold.Total.Rejection’ is arguably the most fervent release and a manifesto of rejection – rejection of the groundswell of mediocrity within the scene, rejection of compromise as a means of embracing of a wider audience, rejection of the dogma and strictures of religion and the trappings of the feeble social slave. ‘Behold.Total.Rejection’ is a torrential barrage of relentless animosity. No scene. No brotherhood. No remorse.

REVENGE have performed live as part of select festivals such as Maryland Deathfest, Nuclear War Now! Fest, and Black Flames of Blasphemy as well as toured alongside renowned bands such as MAYHEM, WATAIN, INQUISITION, DESTRÖYER 666, BEHEMOTH, and DEICIDE among many others.

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