THY CATAFALQUE Premiere New Album

Posted on June 15, 2023

More information about Alföld

THY CATAFALQUE are streaming their new album on the Season of Mist YouTube channel. Listen to all nine tracks HERE.

‘Alföld’ is THY CATAFALQUE’s 11th album and it shows once again the myriad ways that Tamás Kátai and his collaborators keep evolving. “Néma vermek” wraps things up by harkening back to the old-fashioned, pulverizing black metal that the band cut their teeth with during the early ’00s. It’s named after the Great Hungarian Plain, which is where Kátai grew up.

But ‘Alföld’ continues to push THY CATAFALQUE’s experimental streak even further, leaning into fretless bass and wobbly synths that cast the same eerie glow as the The Twilight Zone. The album busts right down the door with “A scend hegyei”, a progressive bent on doom metal that welcomes in Ahriman’s Lambert Lédeczy, who grunts like a fire-breathing dragon.

‘Alföld’ will be released via Season of Mist on June 16, 2023. Pre-save the album HERE or pre-order it from the Season of Mist store HERE.

  1. A csend hegyei
  2. Testen túl
  3. A földdel egyenlő
  4. Alföld
  5. Folyondár
  6. Csillagot görgető
  7. A felkelő hold országa
  8. Szíriusz
  9. Néma vermek
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