Tsjuder release new video for “Helvegr”

Posted on August 14, 2023

More information about Helvegr

For how cold and cruel their music has been for the past 30 years, Tsjuder have been on fire recently.

The torchbearers of true Norwegian black metal released their sixth album earlier this summer. ‘Helvgr’ proudly upholds Tsjuder’s blatant unwillingness to compromise. Angry Metal Guy dubbed it “another gnarly, kickass ride” that “gives absolutely no fucks what came before it or what will come after”. In a five star review, Metal Sucks said the album is “exactly what we need right now – it is dangerous brutal, raw and uncompromising”.

Today, Tsjuder are releasing a video for the title track off their new album. ‘Helvegr’ often means a journey or road that the souls of the deceased take after death. The video was recorded in Hallingdal, during a full moon, and casts a grim light over just how dark and treacherous it can get out in the Norwegian woods.

Watch the video for ‘Helvegr’ on our YouTube channel HERE!

‘Helvegr’ is out now. Order it from our store HERE or download it HERE.

  1. Iron Beast
  2. Prestehammeren
  3. Surtr
  4. Gamle-Erik
  5. Chaos Fiend
  6. Gods of Black Blood
  7. Helvegr
  8. Faenskap og Død
  9. Hvit Død
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