VÉVAKI release new song “Gestaþáttr” and start album pre-sales

Posted on August 10, 2022

More information about Fórnspeki

Nordic folk band VÉVAKI are now releasing a new track, titled “Gestaþáttr”. The song is taken from the new album ‘Fórnspeki’, which will be out via Season of Mist on October 28. The record is now available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist store HERE.

Originally a solo project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Will Hunter, VÉVAKI is a folk band which draws from Nordic heathenism and animistic traditions. Myth, ritual and a connection with the natural world inform VÉVAKI’s music, which is both contemporary in sound and wide-ranging in instrumentation.

The song “Gestaþáttr”, which is accompanied by a lyric video, can now be viewed via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE. The track can be pre-saved HERE

VÉVAKI comment on the song: “Gestaþáttr is the first part of the poem Hávamál (the sayings of Hár) which covers how to be a good guest and a good host, as well as containing many other mysterious verses of gnomic wisdom. Since this song is based in Eddic poetry, we decided to do a lyric video so you could see the old Icelandic and English translations side by side.”

  1. Brynhildarljóð
  2. Heimdalagaldr
  3. Hreingálknir
  4. Jötnablót
  5. Griðastaðr
  6. Dísablót
  7. Gestaþáttr
  8. Vitrun
  9. Varðloka
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