VÉVAKI release full album video for ‘Fórnspeki’

Posted on October 27, 2022

More information about Fórnspeki

Dark folk band VÉVAKI are now releasing a stunning full album video for their newest release ‘Fórnspeki’. The video features the stunning and rugged Icelandic landscape, which perfectly fits the band’s intriguing songs. The video was shot by Dániel Puskás (Valhallartworks) and is streaming at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

The album ‘Fórnspeki’ will be released tomorrow. Pre-orders are still available HERE, the record will be available on all digital streaming platforms HERE.

Originally a solo project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Will Hunter, VÉVAKI is a folk band which draws from Nordic heathenism and animistic traditions. Myth, ritual and a connection with the natural world inform VÉVAKI’s music, which is both contemporary in sound and wide-ranging in instrumentation.

  1. Brynhildarljóð
  2. Heimdalagaldr
  3. Hreingálknir
  4. Jötnablót
  5. Griðastaðr
  6. Dísablót
  7. Gestaþáttr
  8. Vitrun
  9. Varðloka
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