VIPASSI unveil first single “Phainesthai” off new album

Posted on November 15, 2023

More information about Lightless

VIPASSI laid their foundation on their debut album ‘Śūnyatā’ in 2017. Originally formed as a project between Daniel Presland (Drums – Ne Obliviscaris, Black Lava, Virvum) & Ben Boyle (Guitars – Black Lava, Hadal Maw, AMDBL) to explore new concepts and sounds not currently engaged by their projects, the band has since grown to add Arran McSporran (Fretless Bass – Virvum, Seven7, Cosmitorium) & Benjamin Baret (Guitars – Ne Obliviscaris, Maer).

Today, they release the first single “Phainesthai” off the new album ‘Lightless’. A continuation of their intricate instrumental project showcasing the pure artistry VIPASSI has to offer. Each instrument in their arsenal is not just a tool for delivering notes, but rather a finely tuned instrument in the symphony of emotions they create. The listener is invited into a sonic universe where they become the author of their own story.

Watch the enigmatic music video for “Phainesthai”:

‘Lightless’ comes out 26 January, 2024.


  1. Lightless
  2. Labyrinthine Hex
  3. Morningstar
  4. Shapshu
  5. Phainesthai
  6. Ruination Glow
  7. Neon Rain
  8. Promethea
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