Voyager Reissue Album that Set Course for Eurovision

Posted on August 8, 2023

Voyager have come a long way. The band just released their breakthrough album ‘Fearless in Love’, but they first formed back in 1999, when Daniel Estrin was studying at the University of Western Australia.

Different members have come in and out of the Voyager orbit. But by 2014, when ‘V’ came around, the lineup that would launch the progressive pop metal band all the way to Eurovision had locked into place.

Ashley Doodkorte has always been the one behind Voyager’s covert art, but this is their first album that features him on drums. You can feel his impact right from the jump. “Hyperventilating” tumbles through an asteroid field full of metallic riffage and proggy bass bends. When the chorus hits, the band shoot straight for pop stardom.

Voyager are reissuing ‘V’ on CD. The new version includes two live bonus tracks. It comes out on September 29. Pre-order it from our online store HERE.

01. Hyperventilating (04:41)
02. Breaking Down (04:36)
03. A Beautiful Mistake (05:02)
04. Fortune Favours the Blind (01:02)
05. You, the Shallow (04:33)
06. Embrace the Limitless (03:06)
07. Orpheus (04:19)
08. The Domination Game (04:30)
09. Peacekeeper (04:47)
10. It’s a Wonder (05:11)
11. The Morning Light (05:58)
12. Summer Always Comes Again (02:21)
13. Seasons of Age (04:40)
14. Hyperventilating (Live) (Bonus Track)
15. Breaking Down (Live) (Bonus Track)

Total runtime: 52:46

Watch the video for “Hyperventilating” HERE.

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