Vreid release new music video for ‘Dazed and Reduced’

Posted on June 3, 2021

More information about Wild North West

Norwegian Black ‘n Roll brigade VREID are now unveiling a new chapter of their new album and movie ‘Wild North West’. The song “Dazed and Reduced” and its accompanying music video / movie chapter is now streaming at the Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

Founding member and bass player Jarle ‘Hváll’ Kvåle comments: “This is a personal favorite for sure. Our love for classic heavy rock is strong and our musical roots lie in the majestic 70ies rock and its overlap with the catchy 80ies classics. “Dazed and Reduced” is a nod to the decades that formed our lives and shows that VREID will forever be rooted in 70ies rock, 80ies metal and 90ies Nordic blackness.”

‘Wild North West’ is a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Taking their art to a new level, VREID wrote, filmed and recorded this historical fiction narrative with videographer Håvard Nesbø. ‘Wild North West’ takes you on a journey deep into the mountains, to a dark place where the borders between reality and fantasy fade and where death is only one step behind you.

The album was released via Season of Mist on April 30th and is still available in various formats HERE.

  1. Wild North West
  2. Wolves at Sea
  3. The Morning Red
  4. Shadows of Aurora
  5. Spikes of God
  6. Dazed and Reduced
  7. Into the Mountains
  8. Shadowland
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